Designers Speak – Asad Firdosy

Asad Firdosy

We at Zaarga love and appreciate all the exquisite and contemporary designs of some of the most creative designers in our country. Our constant endeavor is to find designers of this caliber, understand their work, know what inspires them and get them on board Zaarga, so we can bring their work closer for you to lay your hands on.

Over the period of the last six months, we have spoken to and been in touch with many of these creative experts and it has been, least of all, very exciting for us to know what gets them to be what they are today and how they came about being. We want to share some such experiences with you.
We understand the passion, expertise and discipline that go into a designer’s creative pursuits and we would like to showcase them in this section. Keeping this concept, we would be choosing designers who have created a world-class brand over a period of time in a specific product line and feature their work. At regular intervals we will share with you details on some of the designers who have already achieved or are well on their way to making an international brand.
To start this section, we are happy and proud to talk about Asad Firdosy!
A little about Asad:
With his family being involved in the business of furniture since the 1930s, Asad always grew up surrounded by wood and traditional styles of Furniture. In an attempt to revive the legacy of teak furniture and to infuse a dose of original and creative designs, Asad very naturally started sculpting furniture. Asad has been able to seamlessly integrate traditional constructional techniques with abstract everyday industrial and natural forms. Currently, the head of Firdos Furnishers, he strongly believes that the furniture should speak of its quality and purity of its style. His work has been exhibited at Delhi, Mumbai, Miami and Frankfurt. Asad wishes to create excitement, curiosity and anxiety with his designs and he surely had us there!!
In conversation with Asad:
When did you start designing?
As a little kid I was more intrigued and attracted towards automobiles and I used to draw motorcycles and cars of different imaginary shapes. During the holidays I spent lots of time in our own workshop playing with blocks of wood. I think this is where the base for design was laid. Then after graduation very naturally, I always tried new and different things.
Did you ever dream or think of being something else other than a designer?
Always wanted to be a designer be it an architect, a graphic designer or a product designer.
Is there any design of yours you consider your best? Which one is it and why?
The Glass chair and the Leaf Chair are my favorites because the glass chair is my first attempt to deviate from the traditional furniture making and exploring the glass which is considered fragile material. The leaf chair because with this chair I was pulled towards nature.
What is your vision for your work and design?
To create a brand that is synonymous with quality, by displaying a plethora of time tested and innovative products.
What is your favourite colour or theme?
I like almost all colours but colours like orange yellow & maroon really fascinate me .
What or who would you say is your biggest inspiration?
I find inspiration from anything & everything in nature. Nature is my biggest source of inspiration.
What are the best aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?
The best part of designing is the freedom to do what I want to and the capability to transform an idea or a rough sketch into a piece of furniture.
What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your work or design in general.
To be able to sell my designs.
Who is your Number One fan?
My family is my number one fan.
Your thoughts on Zaarga.

I believe the team at Zaarga has really worked hard in creating a platform for contemporary Indian designers, from this platform one can showcase their innovations and reach to the entire Indian population. I feel honored to be a part of the this team & all my best wishes for a very bright & successful future.

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