I bought it on Zaarga…

It was love at first sight. No, this is not a story about how I met my husband, but how I bought my first product on Zaarga.

Lily Bowl –by Tejas Soni Design had me at Hello (to quote from Jerry Maguire). It may be strange to some but I am sure a lot of people out there would agree that some objects have a way of relating to you right away and for me, this particular bowl literally “bowled” me over. Setting aside more clichés & cinematic references, I just loved the grooves and ridges and I could imagine running my fingers along the texture of the bowl. Well, simply put, I WANTED that bowl. Almost every other day, my work involved me visiting the Zaarga beta page or working with the product images. Much to my colleagues’ irritation the first pic I would use for anything related to Zaarga (starting from header images, FB profiles) was that of the Lily bowl. So when Team Zaarga decided to open the shopping window on Vijayadasami Day, I got my chance! To be more precise, I grabbed my chance, nudging even one of the Zaarga co- founders out of contention for that all important first order.
The listing said made to order, that meant I would have to wait almost 45 days to hold “my” (possessive spirit already took over!) Lily bowl. But I did not really mind the wait. So there I went punching in my order …
Cut to November 7, 2011. Its 30 days since my order and I know there is another 2 weeks before my order arrives but some angels at Tejas Soni Design managed to get this order ready well ahead. And so, on a balmy afternoon here in Chennai, I had a pleasant surprise when the courier dropped my package off. There she was, safely ensconced in thermocol and protective wrapping, my very own Lily Bowl. The first thing I did when I unpacked the bowl, was feel that texture which I had been dreaming about since I first saw the product online……and yes it definitely fulfilled my anticipation.
And here she sits prettily on my office table where I can reach out whenever I want and feel that amazing texture achieved by painstaking engraving. So, I now await Zaarga going live, so that I can buy Lily Platter and whatever else Lily that Tejas Soni Design may put up on Zaarga.
Signing off, Pavithra
Here’s an Excerpt from the Lily Bowl’s product description as seen on Tejas Soni Design’s shop on Zaarga: The lily bowl takes its inspirations from a lily foliage and the intricacies of form and texture found in the leaf. The leaf is interpreted in the form of a bowl using the handcrafted technique of engraving, textures made with a chisel and hammer, with each stroke representing the fine veins of the leaf. A metaphor of life, the platter evokes the sense of freshness and fragility and possess a soulfulness and organic energy only possible through this handmade process. It is a contemporary interpretation of traditional craft. The bowl can be used as a home decor piece or can be used to serve dry food items.

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