Our Story

If you ask us how it all began, we could start off with the cliche “It”s a long story…” but that really wouldn”t be too far from the truth. We would like to think of  the inception of Zaarga as a fairy tale ending to a story that started in our teens…
Back then we spent a lot of our precious pocket money buying the elusive “Inside Outside” magazine that was pretty much the only design magazine that was available. Later it was a British library membership so that we could pore over the “foreign” magazines and feast our eyes on all the wonderful photographs in those. Over the years we have realized our status as home decor shopaholics We love scrounging home accessory stores, exhibitions, craft expos and the like. Our travels in India as well as abroad have seen us return with all sorts of stuff for our homes .When days get too stressful, we find comfort in redoing our interiors.  Adding that one bright rug to our space brings us more happiness than savoring a delicious meal Not to mention the joy of flaunting a new handbag or that exquisitely designed earring…Simply put, we love all things beautiful !!
We guess the seeds of Zaarga were sown then, when we first discovered our passion for home decor and lifestyle accessories..The fact that we could not easily access products retailed outside our cities only added to our quest to bring together all beautiful things under our roof . We wanted to provide a channel where one could shop for exclusive products  which have an identity of their own.
Our dream has now found form in Zaarga ..How we chose a name to our venture is another long story…We wanted the name to signify beauty and uniqueness with an Indian flavor. That”s how we stumbled upon Zaarga.  Zaarga means “Fresh Ginger” in Sanskrit.  Just like the hint of ginger adds that extra flavor to any dish, we think Zaarga will add that “zing” to your lives !!
To us, Zaarga evokes thoughts that are melodious, whimsical and beautiful  and we hope to showcase products that align themselves to that feel. We eagerly look forward  to sharing this excitement with you – through stores from top designers, exclusive features, blogs from design experts and so on.

Come, share our joy!

A & I

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