To Zaarga with Love

An introductory FB message from a college buddy, a phone call to say hello and then a meeting to size each other up…

This simple chain of events in June this year started off a satisfying business association and a great friendship. Mala & I have been working with Indu & Ashni on many aspects of getting Zaarga to life. It is a journey we cherish and when we look back the last few months has given us some amazing experiences.
From the word go, we loved the assignment. Being a start up ourselves, we could see the passion and determination with which Indu & Ashni wanted to get their venture going. Starting from discussing names for the portal, logo options, colour schemes, we have squabbled with each other, argued with each other over numerous calls on Skype, mobile and in person. We have had some maniacal conversations drilling down to seemingly inane details and scenario planning for all kinds of situations. There have also been magical moments when we are all so deeply connected with a single idea, that when we get some copy out, it’s a YES from everyone of us. Through all this, the one thing we knew for sure was that this level of attention to detail and perfection was not common and would serve Zaarga well.
One of the best parts of our assignment was working with Zaarga in communication related work, creating invitation kits and talking to designers to participate on the site. Mala & I along with Indu & Ashni have had many “WOW” moments in these few months, falling in love with designs, products, craving to own a piece that is beautiful. The long standing joke between us now is one of us saying: “Oh, that is so gorgeous. I Like! I want!” or “I am lovvvving it and I am going to buy this the minute we go live!” and then another one of us will pipe in “Hello! We cannot end up buying everything that goes up on Zaarga. Save some for our shoppers”. As in any other start up, there have been birth pangs – days when the mood is low or work is slow – but we are glad that we have been able to work with the Zaarga founders as a team and pull each other’s spirits up whenever the situation warranted.
Jokes apart, there is really so much amazing work being done by contemporary designers that we know Zaarga will really make a huge impact and give more people access to home decor and furnishing products and also a forum to share along with like-minded people. The transparency in dealing, insistence on formal structure, persistence to achieve perfection are all aspects that we respect in Indu & Ashni and we know that the foundation has been laid for a very stable and sustainable business.
We wish Team Zaarga all the very best on launching the site on 14 November 2011.
(Fair warning: Since Mala & I have a head-start on knowing all products going live, watch out dear shoppers – you better get them before we do!)
Signing off,
Mala & Pavithra
(Mala Dhalani & Pavithra Charan are partners at Inception Business Services, Chennai)

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