Joy of Gifting!

Come festival season, and one of the prominent items on our “to-do” is buying gifts for the near and dear. Some have a great knack in getting just the right gift for every occasion, but not all of us have that rare talent. Add to it the innumerable other things we need to tackle at home and office, and we are left with no time to even ponder upon what’s right for each person. Finally, we end up buying pretty much the same items every year, taking the fun out of gifting & getting gifts!!
In this merry season of Christmas and New Year, we at Zaarga, would like to offer some exclusive gift ideas to make the process more enjoyable…
For those special women in your life, consider what they are passionate about or what holds specific importance in their lives now. For the home-proud ones, you could choose soft-furnishing items like cushions/throws, bed linen, table linen or table accessories like stylish cutlery, crockery, bar accessories or kitchen accessories. Talking of kitchen accessories, a cake dish or wine glass set would be a good choice, in line with the theme of the season.
We would recommend some of the items below for those lucky (but difficult to gift) women, who seem to have it all and are very particular in their taste! Designer made, exclusive and of high quality, these are bound to please even the most discerning. 😉

If you are looking at items of personal use, think of handbags/clutches, stoles, shawls/sweaters for the winter, jewelleryfine earrings, chains or rings or watches. You could also get cosmetic sets from a popular brand.

Now for the most difficult ones – men!!! No Shirts, please! Go for items related to their hobbies – games/sports, music, books, tv/videos or the bar!
For those casual visits and dinner invitations, get a delicious fruit cake from the best baker along with a bottle of red wine, or pick one of these to tell your host/hostess that it was a pleasure!
Do let us know if we can help you with customised gifting needs!
Have fun shopping & gifting!
Team Zaarga

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