Featured Designer – Sivakami Ramesh

It’s mid-March and we are ready to unveil our Featured Designer for this month. Team Zaarga is happy to introduce you to Sivakami Ramesh, the energetic individual behind Advitiya.

Advitiya specializes in customized products for children, like bed/bath linen, personalized accessories and a lot more.  The designs have a variety of themes ranging from Princess to Pirates, Butterflies to Racing Cars. The products are adorable and will definitely make parenting and keeping your child happy, much easier.

Advitiya “vows to wow you” with their innovative ideas, creative thoughts and couture designs. Visit their colourful and happy Kids Accessories Store on Zaarga.

Sivakami Ramesh of Advitiya

When did you get into this field?

Actually I got into this only a year back. For the past 20 years I have been running a small scale industry manufacturing woven labels. The Label industry does not give much scope for creativity as the buyers have very specific requirements. So when I had some spare time during lean seasons I started designing a few things for myself. Like towels with borders matching the tiles in my bathroom etc. Then I did a few personalized items for my grand nieces and nephews.  All these were received very well and that was how ADVITIYA began.

Is there any specific reason you chose to become primarily a designer for kids’ accessories and not other areas of design?

We actually started doing complete home décor but then we found that we enjoyed doing the kids stuff more than any of the other categories. Also while there are so many choices for adults available there are very few options for kids. That is how I decided to concentrate on kids stuff alone.

What is your favourite colour or theme?

I love the oranges and blues. My personal favourite is the Pirates Theme.

Pirate Tote Bag and Towel

What are the words you would use to describe Advitiya?

Advitiya, I feel, is something that is totally Different from what one would normally find in the space of Kid’s accessories. The entire line of items is Fun and very Affordable.  All the items are extremely usable on a day-to-day basis.

Who is your Number One fan?

My sisters and their lovely grand children.

What are the best aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?

Everything! From deciding on the theme, choosing the fabrics and layouts and experimenting with colours. Every aspect is important and at the same time completely enjoyable.

What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your work or design in general?

Like all businesses, sourcing and inventory management are constant challenges. But it adds to the excitement that surrounds my work in Advitiya.

What is your vision for your work and design?

I would like to experiment with full room solutions. We have so many options right from bed linen, towels to wall décor and storage options. We would like to do a full theme with different elements all coordinated instead of repeating just a couple of motifs everywhere.

Customised Full Room Solution for Lady Bug theme

Your thoughts on Zaarga…..?

It’s a great feeling to be working with the young and enthusiastic team at Zaarga. I like the way that you have chosen only brands that showcase products that are different from what is usually available. To me it is more of a boutique online store rather than an online super market, which is what many of the other online stores become/are.

Thank you, Sivakami for this lovely blog and highly encouraging thoughts about Zaarga. Wishing you and Advitiya great success in the Kids Accessories field!

Team Z

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  1. In the recent weeks, I ‘ve ordered quite a few things from Advitiya – both for my daughter Mekhala and as gifts for other kids. The designs are really peppy and each piece has something interesting – like the velcro detachable pieces on the cushions, etc. Wish Sivakami & Advitiya all the best. And Thanks to Zaarga for bringing such products to a wider audience. Looking fwd to using the full room solution from Advitiya shortly !!


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