She is young, talented and already a fashionista. Meet our Guest Blogger – Sruthi Sai – Designer, Stylist and now proud owner of UnSeul (the only one) – a Pret & Couture Boutique in Chennai. 

You may have seen the end result of her designs or styling on many stars in the South and on the spreads of many lifestyle magazines. While, most fashion school students dream of opening their first boutique or designing for a couture label at the age of 25, Sruthi Sai is all set to achieve even more with her newly launched label & boutique.  Having studied fashion design in Parks College, Tirupur and SIET Chennai, Sruthi worked for renowned fashion designers in Chennai and also as a stylist for film stars and UFX (a music and lifestyle channel). She has assisted designers like Chaitanya Rao for shows such as Lakme Fashion week and also independently designed for ‘Essential Look’ – a fashion show by Shwarzkopf Professionals. Her creations have been sported on the red carpet, at fashion events, and award shows by film stars, VJs and other celebrities.

“Versatility, patience, attention to detail, awareness and an eye for colour are all required qualities in a stylist” – says Sruthi Sai. We requested her to put together her Style Guide for 2012 just for the Zaarga community. So here we go and hope you have a wonderful time experimenting with your look this season.

STYLE PING 2012 : SUNNY SIDE UP by Sruthi Sai

“I love it when the seasons change….. right when we get bored of our season’s wardrobe styles and when we run out of clothes and accessories to try new style, the season change comes to pep us up. I ‘m pretty bored of my winter clothes and it is time to flash some colors and prints and also some skin to get back the spirit of fashion n styling.
So here is what I thought would be some of the best wardrobe must-haves to beat the heat and also stay fashionable. :)”

For the endless long legs: The classic style since 1960′s, Wide legged Pants is back to help the easy transition of our wardrobe into summer fashion. Bright colors replace the dark colors of winter and endless number of patterns and styles are in to set up the summer mood. Pair it up with nude shades and light colors and a pair of wedges to bring in the ”COOLNESS”. As we all know there are a million other ways to style this wide legged classic piece of ensemble.

Sheer Glamour: Yes….the sheer fabrics never fail to pop up in summer to show some skin and glamour. The see-through magic keeps us trendy while we let our skin breathe: even black works in these sheerness. So for the black lovers here is a perfect excuse to never let go off it even in summer.

Casual Classic: When it comes to casual outfits, T-shirts never leave our eye sight. This blessed piece of outfit lingers in our life at all ages – So I ask – why give it up? Make a new style statement by pairing up a bright printed tee with a high waist black mini and a nice thin belt. Or get the lady like look with a subtle tee and high-waisted flowy skirt and a statement belt. Swap the denim combo with skirts, high-waisted pants or even maxi dresses. Tees are classic because they never run out of style.

Color Block it:  My all time favourite style of summer is back! Color blocking is fun. Dare to pair up complementary colors in your outfits: Turqouise green shirt with Red skirt, mustard yellow with purple or blue and fuschia pink: the combinations are endless. You can even try color blocked prints. If you are a fun loving person just go ahead and block it up. 🙂

Elegance with a slit: And this is for those who are challenged to bring out the elegance in summer. Bring in some long fitted knitted dresses with that breathtaking slit to flash your toned long legs – you can even add some skirts with slits that effortlessly pour in the elegance in your wardrobe.

Everyday try something new and feel more confident 🙂

Thanks to Sruthi Sai for the great tips!  We wish her the very best and all success to UnSeul!

Team Z


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