Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Score Brownies points with Mom ! This Mother’s Day, why not let Zaarga help you shop smart and buy some designer accessories to compliment your mother. Every mother is different, but the one thing they all have is common is that they truly deserve our appreciation and they truly appreciate any gesture from their family. No matter what kind of a mom she is – you’re sure to find a suitable gift for her right here on Zaarga.

What’s even better ? We’ve identified gifts to fit every budget. So whether you’re planning to buy a small gift or go overboard (after all it’s for mom!) and buy an extravagant one, we at Zaarga are sure our selection will help you and your mom celebrate Mother’s Day in a different way 🙂 Happy Shopping. And oh, we ‘d love to hear what your mom had to say…so mail us after Mother’s day to let us know how many brownie points you scored with mom.

Busy, Multi-Tasking Moms – Super moms who seem to have time for everything and they make the most of every resource – time, space, energy !!

Check out these products on Z:- Designer Notebooks, Clutter Box, Concept Furniture
Home-bird Moms – Home loving moms who take pride in creating and maintaining a beautiful and comfortable home for the entire family. They always put home above self.

Moms who need to chill – Moms do get stressed out with all the demands we place on them. Some moms need that little push to relax and put their feet up. Who better than you to help them do just that !

Check out these products on Z:- Butterfly Rocker, Eyepad, Tissue Box

Good Ol’ Fashioned Moms – Tradition, connection with our roots – some moms truly represent the Indian woman. Pamper her with some ethnic accessories.
Young Moms – new mommies deserve a special treat. And if their li’l ones can’t give them gifts yet, someone else should (husbands, girl friends, sisters….!!). Young moms need a lot of support & encouragement…coz they are just at the starting line of motherhood and have so many more milestones left 🙂

Check out these products on Z:- Designer MugsStoles, Exclusive Silver Pendants 
Happy Mother’s Day!
Team Z

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