Packing Up!!

Getting Away for a Vacation ?
When you leave home, do remember to pack up your personal style statement to take with you! Zaarga suggests some of these simple but stylish accessories that are simply a MUST on your travel checklist.

Plane, train, bus or ship – this eye-Pad is a lot more easy on your pocket 🙂 If you must have some shut-eye on the go, grab this trendy eyepad from Tuesday Afternoon for just Rs.250/-. 
What to see, What to eat, who to call, words in a foreign language ? – Keep track of all you want to do on your holiday with some cool themed note-pads from Letternote – starting at Rs.145/. Who says checklists need to look boring ?

If you are the kind to read on the road – whether it’s Lonely Planet or the latest bookseller – grab this stylish ID Bookmark that slips right onto the pages of your book. If you don’t own any design by Mukul Goyal yet, this one at Rs.317/- is a good place to start !
Mobile chargers or Ipod headphones or anything wired: Get WIJO to help you wind up your wires and carry them along. WIJO comes in bright colours and priced at Rs. 158/-. What’s not to love about these cute fellows ?
Got a li’l one to take along on this trip? Ditch that boring “baby” bag & get the kid a cute tote from Advitiya to carry along and if you have enough time, do get it personalised too ! Themed totes & ruck sacks for kids start at Rs.349/-. Pick from what will please your kid the most right here:  Kids Accessories
These last few are specially for the ladies: Need to extend your toilette ? Get yourself Tuesday afternoon’s stylish Clutter box and throw in all those make up things, trinkets & accessories that are part of your style statement. For Rs.3590/- you can carry some of your world with you wherever you go !
Want to pack light but still look stylish: Grab a few stoles  & scarves like this pretty green one. Mix and match with the rest of your holiday clothes (do add those big framed sunglasses :-)) for a superbly stylish look. Check options at the Z Fashion Accessories section. 
Packing those chic pumps or those pretty sandals for your holiday? This fun Shoe bag from Tuesday Afternoon at Rs.280/- lets you carry your favourite footwear with you in style.  
But do make sure you leave behind all your worries!
Have lots of fun, have a great vacation!!
Team Z

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