Featured Designer – Garima Banka

Garima Banka is our Featured Designer for May! The mastermind behind all the designs at Artografi is Garima, while the management function is being handled by her husband, Prateek Banka.

It all started with a personalized poker box that she had designed for her husband, Prateek, for his birthday, having never imagined that she would be getting so many requests for the same from friends and family! That’s when the duo realized the need to launch a brand showcasing a wide range of chic and funky products which can even be personalized on request. And thus the beginning….Artografi is now a recognized brand in Kolkata for interior products. Visit Artografi on Zaargato see their exclusive range of personalized home decor items.

1.    When did you start designing?

I graduated from Jain School of interior Design, Bangalore in 2007 and immediately started practicing interior designing for a firm.  But I was never satisfied with a 9-5 job. So right after my wedding, in Feb, we launched our own Company ‘Artografi’ which deals in funky interior products and also has a designing department which deals with complete interior designing of spaces.


2.    Did you ever dream or think of being something else other than a designer?

Never, though earlier I had thought of doing my graduation in Management and maybe a diploma in designing. But things worked out even better for me and I did a full-fledged 3yrs extensive designing degree course. And Prateek has done his graduation in management, so it’s even better! But yes, I always wanted to be a designer.


3.    Is there any specific reason you chose to become primarily a designer for personalized home accessories and not other areas of design?

I do interior designing as well and have a collection of interior accessories. Personalizing the products is our USP, since you don’t get such different products personalized anywhere else in the market.


4.    What is your favourite product or theme?

Umm..well the poker boxes still remains my favourite; maybe because it all began with it.


5.    What are the three words you would use to describe your brand?


6.    What / Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

My Husband, he trusted me blindly with my work.

7.    Who is your Number One fan?

My MOM, the happiness that I see in her with my success can’t be described in words. She can go on and on praising and publicizing and then I have to make her stop… J

8.    What are the best aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?

I love to design, so when developing a new design or print I work all night and still don’t feel stressed out.

9.    What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your work or design in general?

Competition, and that’s there in all businesses. Then there is the challenge of constantly developing new products and to design the graphics such that people can’t match up to it, so that the niche that you have created for your brand doesn’t fade

10. What is your vision for your work and design? 

I plan to expand into furniture also. It’s on the cards.

11. Your thoughts on Zaarga…..?

The products on Zaarga are very different. The selection of items on the site is excellent and one gets a wide range of products to choose from. I am very happy to be associated with such an organised Team where a lot of personal attention is given. The Zaarga team has showcased all the products very well on the site and they put in their 100% to promote each brand. I Wish Team Zaarga all the very best, for all their future endeavours.

Thank you, Garima & Prateek, for adding that punch to the Z catalogue with your unique, chic and personalized range of home decor products. We love the Artorafi range of products and wish you great success in the field of home decor and interior design!

Team Z

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