Featured Designer – Tanisha Sonpal

Team Zaarga is happy to introduce you to our Featured Designer for June-July –  Tanisha Sonpal, the doting mother behind the gorgeous designs of Jorie Bazaar.

Her goal was to provide customers products of great quality and also designs with an edge. A different approach to style! We at Zaarga think she has achieved exactly that!
Visit the Jorie Bazaar store on Zaarga to add some old world charm to your life, be it her fashion jewelry, traditional jhumkas and balis, designer pouches or ipad bags!
The Zaarga Questionnaire:

  1. When did you start When did you start designing? 
I have had an interest in jewellery for long time now, but I actually  started designing two years ago.
Mirage Ring
  1. Did you ever dream or think of being something else other than a designer?
Honestly, no. Designing allows me to experiment with various ideas and it’s quite a fulfilling experience.
  1. Is there any specific reason you chose to become primarily a jewellery designer and not other areas of design?
It is my personal knack for creativity and passion with jewellery that has prompted me to get into jewellery design. The variety of options to try in jewellery is simply phenomenal.
  1. What is your favourite colour or theme?
Aquamarine Blue or Shiny Silver. Theme is generally fusion of ethnic and Trendy/Fashion.
  1. What / Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?
Collections of the Maharajas/Maharanis in Indian History. The jewellery of that level of beauty/elegance is yet to be seen among the more contemporary jewellery designers.

Dhara traditional earring
  1. Who is your Number One fan?
Our darling 8 year old daughter, Anusha, is my biggest fan, model and the biggest source of Inspiration.

  1. What are the best aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?
The flexibility to work whenever I want to, to apply my creativity in my work and the joy we get when we see some of the famous people like Gauhar Khan, Farha Khan and Kangana Ranaut wearing our creations, is incomparable to any other work.
  1. What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your work or design in general?
The speed, with which fashion trends change these days, makes it really difficult to keep pace. Also, the user base is so huge and divergent, that their needs are also very diverse.. It is a challenge to have something for everyone!!! The quality of material is also a constant challenge. With growing prices of raw material, it is difficult to keep the costs in check and we end up having to pass on the same to end customer 😦

  1. Is there any design of yours you consider your best? Which one is it and why? 
I love all my designs. They are all my favourites. Would surely love to hear from others on their favourite and why they like it.
  1. What is your vision for your work and design? 
Malaaga Ipad Bag

We would love to always be at the forefront of jewellery designing. We would like to constantly come out with designs which can set new trends in the industry and are liked by one and all. Our business vision is fairly simple.. We want to make a difference in lives of our customer…

  1. Your thoughts on Zaarga…..?
We appreciate that Zaarga is doing its bit in being in the forefront of Women’s accessories market in India. Zaarga brings with it, a new approach to this market and we wish it all the best..

We at Zaarga love Tanisha’s ethnic jewellery and her trendy personal accessories. Coming soon are her exclusive Table Accessories! We wish Tanisha Sonpal a fruitful and fulfilling career in Design!

Team Z

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