Create your “Cosy Corner”

Image from BH&G

Home, as they say, is where your heart is…! So it makes a lot of sense to invest some thought and time in setting up your home in tune with your personal taste. 

But, more importantly, you should create a special spot in your house where you can de-stress, relax and unwind, while doing your favourite activity…

Few tips to set up that “cosy corner” within your home…
1) Choose a spot that appeals to you most, with just the right amount of light you prefer…a bay-window seat, a lazyboy or maybe your favourite side of the bed!

A window seat is a great place for reading! Bamboo blinds can help you control the light…

2) Make sure this space lets you do your favourite activity in perfect posture – to stretch your legs and catch the latest episode of Master Chef or just recline and read BH&G.

3) The furniture in that area has to suit what you propose to do there – a stylish magazine holder for your latest issues, a table to prop the Bose speakers or to hold your drink & snack bowls.

For the times you don’t wish to leave your bed! Dark curtains can make the room cool and cosy…

4) Make it clutter free or as cluttered as you like, so long as you have a personal order in that space.

5) And finally, decorate the area with accessories that define your style and interest – classy photo frames showing off your professional clicks, collectibles from your travel, a stylish bookend to hold your latest reads…

Whatever you do, let it reflect your style!
Happy decorating!

Team Z

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