Whether you are a social butterfly or a couch potato, there is no escape from hosting meals at your home, be it a quick lunch for a close friend or an elaborate five course meal for your boss and colleagues.  You might save lot of effort by ordering food or hiring caterers, but the table accessories and decor definitely needs to have your style to pamper your guests with its subtle luxury.

Vase, Candle Stand and Napkin Holder from Mukul Goyal,
Table Cover from Attiser,
Bowl and Coasters from Tejas Soni Designs

You could start by picking a theme/look for your table, depending on the menu. For example, if its predominantly an Indian menu, go for a rich indian look with rust, orange, beige and some brass cutlery. For a continental meal, you could go for muted colours, even the classic white and black, with crystalware.

Amethyst Amore Table Cloth

To cover or not to cover?If you have a table that you want to show off, skip the table cover and just use a set of elegant placemats and runner. For a warm,cosy feel or for adding colours to the table go for table linen that suit the occasion.

Eden Candle Holder

Flowers!!! Don’t forget them! A bouquet of bright, fresh flowers can lift the mood of your guests and set everyone at ease. 

For dinners, candles are an easy and quick way of enhancing the ambience.  Bring out your best tea-light stands or votives or even bigger candle holders and use them liberally to play with the magic of light.

Ceramic Candle Stands

Choose your crockery with care and co-ordinate them well with your table covers or placemats.  Crockery with texture can give a feel of luxury. For plain/simple crockery, you could go for place-mats with texture and colour.

Stylish Tableware with texture from Tejas Soni

And finally, top off the ambience with the scent from a good aromatic oil. Thyme, citrus and rosemary oils can create freshness and stimulate the taste buds. 

So gear up and entertain in style!!!
Team Z

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