Monsoons are known to bring with them a renewed freshness and warmth that keeps us cozy at our homes.  During one such evening, I was toying with the idea of doing up my home in a way that wouldn’t cost me a fortune, yet would reflect my taste through the little changes that I would make to my personal space. It was this thought that led me to start up ‘Casa Omyaa’ (meaning Beautiful Home), specializing in customized contemporary furnishings &furniture, which by all means are the best accessories that not only add a dose of elegance and charm to your space, but also uplift and enhance the theme and mood through your personal touch!

Decorating your home with the help of appropriate furnishings & furniture is not an easy affair. It often takes several trips to the furnishings store and you end up spending a hell lot more and cluttering your space by overdoing too much furniture and furnishings. Let us look at some really simple lines on which you could make your home look picture perfect!

1.   COLOR COORDINATED FURNISHINGS – While purchasing furniture and furnishings for your home, sort out the rooms and shop by the colors. For example, if your bedroom is a neutral color, furnish it up in shades of pink! Your bed linen, curtains, pillows and throws, rugs and sofas/chairs can have pink prints, checks, stripes or just beautiful hues in solids. The key here is to keep your room coordinated through beautiful furnishings. 

2.  COLORFUL PALLETTES – We often get attracted to beautiful Technicolor decor in those lifestyle magazines, yet when it comes to decorating our homes, we often opt for the cold hushed neutrals, pale pastel furnishings under the guise of “classic.” Let’s step out of our comfort and experiment with some rich, warm colored sofa upholstery, colorful mats and multi-colored furnishings! Tell us how many compliments you get for this one! J

Reversible Cotton Khadi Cushion from Casa Omyaa – Add a little spunk to your space!
3.       NEO ROOTED CLASSICS: Furnishings made of traditional rootedfabrics with modern classic designs add an interesting tone to your space. CushionsCovers, Table Runners, Placemats, Coasters, Curtains, etc can customized in these exclusive fabrics  that can be used to create an upbeat setting for your living and dining spaces. Get these customized in a variety of colors & designs as these can be mixed matched for any of your rooms.

Neo Classic tableware & Cushion Covers from Casa Omyaa’s launch Collection


4.       CUSTOMIZED BLINDS: Blinds add a beautiful texture to the overall setting of your living spaces. These can be customized in various sizes, shapes, materials and colors. These can be matched to suit the décor and colors of your home, thus creating a cozy ambience for bedrooms, living rooms and guest rooms. Kitchens too could have colorful printed or striped blinds that add spunk and freshness!

Customized blinds from Casa Omyaa can be crafted in various colors and textures to add a touch of elegance to your space
A simple thumb rule while doing up your home is this – Simple is Awesome! And I live by it, as overcrowding your space with unwanted furniture, accessories and furnishings will take away the beauty of all of it and create a chaotic setting. Instead keep your space clutter free, so every piece of that carefully handcrafted furniture, furnishings and accessory would be appreciated and complimented!
Happy Home Decorating!!
Warm Regards,
Aditi Gidh


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