It’s a year!!

A year has gone by…so soon, but what a glorious year it has been for Ashni and me !

We have been in some sense like two weaver birds weaving in our intricate nest bit by bit, our dreams, passion and energies into this mammoth task that we started one pleasant evening chatting over tea in Hyderabad. Of course at that time, we did not realize the magnitude of what we thought was a neat way to channel our ideas on how to bring great designs under one roof!

Ashni & Indu – Co-Founders of Zaarga

It has been a wild journey and like some wise person said – we have many more miles to go… !!! We set out to showcase well-designed products from across the country and get people to know the minds behind the wonderful creations, without any dependence on logistics and geography. A daunting task indeed, but we are slowly addressing it…The means are always limited, and we really could do with lot more people liking our boutique concept and loads of cash to do advertising, marketing and all those zillion things that devour money 😉 

It has been an exciting journey partnering with so many of these brilliant folks. We are proud of the people who we are associated with and the products that we have been able to showcase. We are also very lucky that almost all of them have been so patient and supportive of us. We hope that this will continue and that we shall enjoy their partnership for many more years.

It has been a challenging journey because e-commerce is still at its infancy in India and has a long way to go. We still want to touch, feel and go shopping with our friends!! Attracting the right customers requires constant innovation. Curation of the Z Catalogue is tough with so many options to choose from and making sure we choose correctly. Why bling, why not kitsch, should we do clothes, what about shoes…aahh questions and more questions. And of course the often asked question from lots of customers – Do we have COD? And the answer is – No, we don’t 🙂

It has been a tiresome journey also at times to be honest ! How do we retain exclusivity, how can we get our ads to reach more people, where does it slip between the “Like” and the “Buy”, why people who shop at boutique stores look for discount sales online and primarily, why can’t there be a couple of hours extra once the 24 hours are up? 🙂 There is always so much to be done !!!

It has been a fulfilling journey in the sense that we have started on our mission and we have been at it for the last year… The thrill we experienced at our launch, first sale etc cannot be put in words. We have made some great work relationships, made some wonderful friends and savoured a hint of the exhilaration that acting upon your dreams brings along.

Our love and thanks to our wonderful families for hanging in there with us ! You are all simply the best!! 🙂

Cheers to Zaarga and best wishes for many more wonderful years ahead!!!

With love,
Co-Founder, Zaarga

4 thoughts on “It’s a year!!

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  1. Congratulations… Been following your blog for quite some time now and it is indeed great to see you provide a wonderful platform for aspiring entrepreneurs. Good luck for many more such wonderful years.


  2. Congrats on your anniversary!!It’s good to see the entrepreneurship flourishing and creativity bearing fruit. Good Luck!!Gerald P


  3. Hi Somu@Woodooz & Gerald!Thank you very much for your wishes & appreciation! Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey and such encouragement means a lot to us! Please do stay connected!Cheers!I & A


  4. Oh my! Look at you guys-SSSS….(Smart, svelte,sexy, successful ….) you’re the only entrepreneur I know Indu darling!Feeling a little threatened here but Ashni, you do know that Indu was my friend FIRST!!! Great going guys- feeling mighty proud of your journey!!Hugs!!Priya


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