Meet some Z customers!

At Zaarga, we are always eager to hear from our customers and we encourage them to share any kind of feedback with us. So as part of our anniversary celebrations, we reached out to some of them to find out what they feel about Zaarga…what’s good and what could be better! And here are the snippets!

Gayatri Kunhiraman – Senior Consultant at Source8, London

Gayatri is a house proud working mom with two adorable kids, Malvika and Vedant. She loves travelling and buys loads of curios and antiques at local exotic markets, Marrakesh souk being the closest to her heart! 

Zaarga brings together under one umbrella many unique facets of Indian lifestyle design.

When it comes to finding unique and sometimes quirky designer pieces , Zaarga is always my first call – there is a collection of jewellery, home décor and children’s items that is difficult to find commonly in shops and markets. I love jewellery and Zaarga has an amazing collection and I have a growing wishlist 🙂 Looking forward to Team Z making international deliveries – start with London! 

I am thrilled to see how the online portal has grown over the year to bring together many talented designers. I wish Zaarga many years of growth and success! Happy Birthday Z!”

Charan Subramanian Chandra – Director, Vaigai Sanitation Pvt Ltd, Chennai
(Vaigai Sanitation Pvt Ltd is one of Zaarga’s key Corporate Customers)

“Zaarga has access to some really great designers from all over India, making classy products across a wide price range. Ordering through Zaarga made choosing a Diwali gift much easier and the delivery was handled with utmost efficiency. I wish them good luck as they complete 1 year of going live…”

Madhavi Nori – IT-Professional, San Jose

Madhavi is a working mom with 2 adorable daughters. She is a perfectionist by nature, more so when it comes to her daughters and can go any length to make sure she gets the best for them!

I loved my shopping experience with Zaarga. I bought two aprons for my daughters and got a rucksack as a gift from a friend. The aprons were so neatly done and they ran no color or lost their shape with a machine wash… The princess appliqués show well when my daughters wear them. I am so happy with my purchase.. The rucksack is also a very cheerful and bright color. The material is not cheaply done and reflects one’s good taste…I wish all success and growth to Zaarga. Keep up the great work!”

And here are some photos shared by some of our happy customers…

Mrudula at her Craft Class in her Personalised Princess Apron

V Living Botanical Series Cushions at Aishwarya Sailesh’s beautiful home!

Thanks to all our customers who have shared their thoughts with us on this occasion and also to those others who have been giving us their views over the year on how Zaarga could serve its customers better. 

We will keep adding to this blog over the week, as and when we get more reviews. 

Team Z

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