Featured Designer: Mukul Goyal

His men have been at Zaarga right from the start…and everyone admires them! Sometimes they are holding your books, sometimes your serving bowls; they make merry with you by stirring your drinks and at times when they are really tired, they just flop on a Stapler and take the much deserved break!!

Yes!!! We are talking about the “ID Collection” of home accessories by the ingenious Mukul Goyal, and now we are really happy to bring to you the man who created them! 🙂 Here’s what Mukul had to say to Team Z and all of you out there who adore his work!

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

I started my professional life as an IIT Engineer but found my true calling in Design. My first few products were jewelry pieces made out of scrap materials. I have worked in a tractor industry before I began my explorations in Design.

2. When did you start designing? Can you give us a small glimpse into your design journey from a graduate designer to becoming“Mukul Goyal” the popular brand?

I always had an inclination towards art and creativity.
If I were to be honest I am still that graduate designer that I was when I started! The brand Mukul Goyal happened because somewhere my products connected with people and became popular. Even today I am apprehensive about my new products and concerned about their interactions with people.

3. What was the first product that you designed?

I do not remember the first thing I would have designed ever but I do know that creating stuff used to be an all consuming exercise for me. The first product that I designed for the brand Mukul Goyal was the ID Bookends and to my luck they still continue to be amongst the bestsellers of the range.

4. What/Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

My inspiration is the world around me – it is a madhouse of people and I am one of them!

5. Who is your Number One fan?

Do I have fans?

6. What are the aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?

Being my own boss, deciding my own work regime, designing what I want to rather than working on someone else’s brief gives me a huge kick!
I derive huge amounts of gratification from the sales of my product as the products do seem to be connecting to people both in India and abroad!

7. What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your
work or design in general?

The biggest challenge is to remain focused and true to one’s beliefs!

8. Is there any design of yours that you consider your best? Which one is it and why?

Strangely, the designs which I am fond of may not have found much favour commercially but they are still close to my heart. Long back I had done some nut shell bowls which were reminiscent of the coconut shell but they did not do well in the market.
The ID series of products in my range is my eternal favourite as I see a little bit of myself in each of those!

9. How often do you add new designs to your catalog?

I refresh my catalogue once a year. At that time, new products are added, some old products may be dropped or tweaked and balance continues status quo.

10. What is your vision for your work and design? Any exciting plans for the road ahead that you can share with us?

I have never been much of a planner and live each day as it comes! My products have done a great job of marketing themselves and I hope it stays that way! Now I would like to dabble in non-product design – when I figure that one out, I shall shed more light on it!

11. Can you share with us a dream project in your wish list?

An installation on the city scape

12. Your thoughts on Zaarga.

Zaarga is a great partner to have on my side! Apart from ensuring a great positioning, Zaarga reaches out my products to the right audience.

We wish all success and glory to brand Mukul Goyal and its creator in his various endeavours. And we definitely hope to have his more of his men around to do our chores!

Team Z

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