Featured Brand of the Month : arttdinox

Stainless Steel used to be a household favourite until melamine and microwavable crockery took over. But with growing concerns about the health hazards posed by melamine and various kinds of plastic ware, people are increasingly turning back to their good old Stainless Steel.

The Hungry Caterpillar Dinner Set

But Stainless Steel is no longer passe, thanks to the house of Jindals who launched “arttd’inox“, a premium brand for designer made Stainless Steel cookware and tableware, by marvelously blending high grade steel with ceramic, wood, brass and glass to create stunning and stylish designs.

Zaarga is proud to present “arttd’inox” as the brand of the month. We caught up with the team at arttd’inox to get you closer to this highly popular and sought after brand.

1. Can you tell us something about the origin of the brand arttd’inox? 

arttd’inox was started with an idea to promote stainless steel, a material which was not considered high end, with a whole new look and feel. We make it with a global touch and flair as it is internationally sold.

2. Who is the driving force behind the brand – defining its vision and steering it to success?

Ms. Deepikaa Jindal, the visionary who saw the potential of lifestyle designs in Stainless Steel slowly and steadly moulded her dream into reality.

Enchanted Cups

3. What is the USP of arttd’inox?

We create spaces that speak of you. Touching each aspect of your home and office with our contemporary designs and products, arttd’inox has products which are specially for ‘you’.

4. How do you define “high grade premium stainless steel” that is part of your product specification?

There are different grades of stainless steel which are available in market. Coming from the house of Jindals, we work with the highest grade of stainless steel, well established with properties like high on food grade, high on luster and finish and corrosion resistance.

Sequence Collection

5. Are arttd’inox brands sold/going to be sold outside India?
arttd’inox is already being sold outside in New York, Libya, Hong Kong, Korea, Ecuador.

6. Can you tell us something about the arttd’inox range of modular kitchens

arttdinox modular kitchen

arttd’inox is into Stainless Steel modular kitchens, the only brand in the country making 100% stainless steel kitchens. Further, we work on complete kitchen manufacturing cycle in-house design, production and ours is the only kitchen to give AMC. Being Stainless Steel in material, our kitchens are have unique properties:
a. Water resistance and thus corrosion resistance and fungus free
b. Very easy to clean and maintain
c. Made from 100% stainless steel so no problem of pests and termites
d. No problem of cabinets sagging and collapsing as there is no wooden content
e. Extremely hygienic as there are no fumes from Varnish/laqor
f. Comes in all colors, textures and finishes you can dream about including wooden finishes which look absolutely like wood
g. In India we are the only modular kitchen which provides preventive maintenance for first 2 years and AMC thereafter.


Cookie Tray

8. What do you consider the biggest challenge faced by the brand?

We are the category creators in lot of areas like lifestyle tableware and cookware and modular kitchens therefore all the challenges which a first mover has, we had that.
           Further, in India Stainless Steel as a material was considered old, boring, cheap. We are the ones trying to change that concept which we are still doing. In a market dominated by Wooden modular kitchens we are trying to bring in Stainless Steel kitchens.

9. Which is the most popular design/collection under the arttd’inox brand? 

Mushroom Nut Bowl

All our collections have done well. Mushroom collection has brought a lot of awards and accolades back home. There are collections which are naughty and interesting like See no evil mugs, Pink panther collection.
Then there were products ergonomically designed like the Geometric Planter.

10. How often do you add new designs to your catalog?
Variety and change keeps the product offerings fresh and new. We keep coming out with collections every quarter. Single products can be monthly or event specific e.g. Pooja Thali during Diwali or calendar during New Year.
11. What is the vision for your work and design? Any exciting plans for the road ahead that you can share with us?

No Evil Mugs

Our Vision is to consistently ‘WOW’ our customers with new products and designs.

12. Your thoughts on Zaarga.
Zaarga is an excellent platform which has brought together great designs and designers. It’s a one point shop to buy home and décor related products.

We wish Deepikaa Jindal and the Team at arttd’inox success in all their challenges and new endeavours. So what are you waiting for, open up the shopping bag and grab some of the best cookware/tableware you can lay hands on! And rest assured that your guests would go gaga over your new crockery collection!!

Team Z

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