“Kitchens with character and soul” – Contest Winner

Yes, yes, we know you are eager to know who won the Contest, but before we get there, we would like to introduce you to the creative personality who judged the entries and made the big decision! 
Meet Bhargavii Mani, Director, Business Edge

A global citizen, the design bug in Bhargavii took her to Raffles Design International, Singapore. After being a top student there she worked in Singapore and Dubai in reputed firms. Her cutting edge design sense and clean photographic aesthetics are seen today in several retail, F & B and residential interiors in these world capitals.
She set up Edge Design Studio with the express desire to change the retail landscape in India , using her knowledge and skills absorbed from such retail capitals. A dynamic entrepreneur herself, Bhargavii has a keen understanding of business issues.
A singer and arts patron, Bhargavii along with her associates transforms her design space into a venue to support all forms of art and culture. Bhargavii also writes periodically on interior design for a few publications.

We thank Bhargavii for honouring us by setting time aside to judge this Contest and share her views.
So who won the beautiful Heritage Cup & Saucer by arttd’inox?? Any guesses????

Well…!! We have a tie!!! Bhargavii thinks that both Nimmu Thomas and Kavitha Ram have equally beautiful kitchens!


And here’s what Bhargavii had to say about these entries:
About Nimmu Thomas’ kitchen:

Nimmu Thomas outside her kitchen

“Despite the restriction of a small space, her kitchen is a very functional one. Clearly she cooks and cleans in her kitchen and these are evident from the Drip tray below the dish rack. Also the way she has arranged all the ceramic and glassware in her upper cabinets, the ladles and spoons and mugs from the stand, clearly indicate that she’s a practical woman in the kitchen having everything a feet or two away. The golden triangle in the kitchen works well too. The breakfast counter, which also acts as a partition has also been smartly put together. She wins this because there are no pretensions and it comes across like one can walk into her home any minute of the day, and such is how the kitchen would be! Good job!”

About Kavitha Ram’s kitchen:                      

Kavitha in her garden
“Clearly a kitchen from outside India, where neither space nor quality of workmanship is a constraint. What I like about her kitchen is how open the plan is. I can imagine Kavitha walking around the kitchen and cooking for her family, listening to music, having them dine out of the bar cum breakfast counter, chatting or skyping with her family back home. She obviously does her dishes, and this is evident from the mat on the floor below the washing area. The magnets on her fridge tell me it’s a family space. Kavitha, I assume is a working woman who runs back home to take care of her family, for who a kitchen is an extension of the living area. Love the roomy feeling… The space feels lived in!”


CONGRATULATIONS, Nimmu Thomas and Kavitha Ram! Your Heritage Cup Sets will soon be on their way!
We also congratulate all the participants, especially our shortlisted candidates for their effort and enthusiasm in participating in the Contest. All of you have such yummy kitchens!
And here’s to more contests, more prizes and lot more fun in the Z Community!

Team Z


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