Sitting Pretty!!

We were not completely over the excitement of the “Beautiful Kitchens” contest, when Aditi Gidh of Casa Omyaa, our Featured Designer of the Month expressed her desire to run a contest for pretty seating arrangements. We happily nodded in agreement and got busy with the task in hand…

The Contest was launched mid last week and since then it has been great fun at the Zaarga Community. It was sheer joy to watch the beautiful interiors and the variety of creative seating arrangements! We have been sharing limited views of select entries on Z Facebook page. And here in this blog, we treat you to more views of these shortlisted gorgeous seating areas that have been vying for attention on our Facebook pages…enjoy!

Living Room of Aradhana Rathore

Aradhana Rathore from Bangalore, an alumni of Stella Maris College Chennai, was the first to send us the images. Aradhana, who is married to an army officer, is not a professional interior designer, but she has a flair with spaces and her passion for interiors is evident in the way she has transformed her living area.


Floor Seating by Leena Gavande

Leena Gavande, creative designer and owner of jewellery brand “Bindurekha” (with its first retail outlet at INOX Multiplex, Pune) shared the cosy corner she has set up in her home. Simple, but vibrant, pleasing and cozy!!


Sheena Alex sent us pictures of the family room where she loves spending time with her husband and their three wonderful children. A CPA by profession, Sheena loves to decorate the spaces in her home and is fascinated by Indian paintings and artwork. She lives in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.


Living Area, Anusha Koushik

Anusha Koushik of Chennai is a minimalist and likes a combination of contemporary and antique furniture. She loves to experiment and mix-n-match colours, minus the bling!

Living Room, Deepali Paul
Deepali Paul of Hyderabad sent us pictures of her living room. She likes clean lines in her interiors and a mix of contemporary and colonial.
Formal living room, Renu Menon & Vinesh Kavassery

Renu Menon & Vinesh Kavassery, who live in Dallas, shared pictures of their formal living room. The room was designed from scratch by Vinesh as his space to enjoy & relax. The room is themed around earthly comforts with eco-friendly accessories like coconut shell wall hangings and the whisky barrel. Renu & Vinesh wanted the room to exude comfort, earthliness and warmth…

Rinal Mehta’s Living Room

Rinal Mehta sent us these pictures of her living room in her Pune home…

Aditi Gidh has her hands full!! It’s no trivial task to pick one winner from so many smart entries!! The gift she offers for the winner is set of three 16×16 silk pin-ticked Casa Omyaa cushions in attractive colours!! Good luck Aditi; we are waaitiiinngggg…!!

Team Z

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