The Pretty Seating Contest

When I was asked to judge the ‘Pretty Seating Contest’ by my dear friend Indu Ananth of Zaarga, I had never imagined that what I had thought of as a simple task at hand, would turn out to be a herculean task for me! Being from the design background I was quite confident of selecting ‘the best’ among the entries, but, I was so wrong…
Aditi Gidh
 Seven best entries were forwarded to me for selecting  the winner of the contest. As I opened the images of each of these stunning seating arrangements, my mind started wandering through these marvellous spaces. I felt that not only was it difficult but also unfair on my part to be actually ‘judging’ such marvellous spaces painstakingly done up by each of the contestants. But sure enough, I had to pick the best one.
Each of these beautifully decorated homes had so much to say in their own way. Anusha Koushik‘s ethnic inspired room with beautiful wooden chairs had the cosiness that we all yearn for after a tiring evening. LeenaGavande’s simple yet artistic sitting space in bold coloured silks and cottons spelt a cheerful vibrancy and freshness. Rinal Mehta’s living room in beautiful shades of yellow was nothing short of a lavishly chic sitting space. DeepaliPaul’s living room in a serene palette of shades of white and a stunning lamp to compliment is a picture perfect setting.

Sheena Alex’s chic living room is a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and traditional roots. Clean and clutter free is what is most important to make your space look divine and she did just that!


Renu Menon’s living room had a very earthy yet sophisticated feel to it. I was quite impressed with the way the keg was put to use. Using beautiful earth tones, she created a very easy, relaxing space for her guests.

Aradhana Rathore’s Living Room



And last but not the least, our contest winner Aradhana Rathore’s living room – Something just struck me about this very vintage classic look that we don’t get to see much these days. This is not a typically picture perfect look, but there is something so special about the personal touch that was seen in this space. I was especially delighted to see how even a relatively older space with modest flooring can be transformed to a comfortable, classic and functional sitting space, without overdoing elements and keeping it simple yet stylish!
I would like to congratulate Aradhana for her very uniquely classic sitting space and for winning three exclusive pure silk cushion coversfrom Casa Omyaa in vibrant shades that would add an upbeat setting to her space! I would also like to heartily congratulate all our contest participants who have taken painstaking efforts while transporting their spaces from a ‘House to a Home’!



Warm Regards,
Aditi Gidh

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