Soft Furnishing Week with Vaishali Sinha

Vaishali Sinha, V Living
We are back with a bang after a great summer!! Z Community is buzzing with action because we are celebrating a ‘Soft Furnishing Week‘! We have roped in accomplished designer Vaishali Sinha (Textile Designer from NID with over 2 decades of experience, who is also a part of Z Designer Community) to answer all your queries…so if you are wondering how to redecorate your living room or spice up your dining room or are losing sleep over curtains, NOW is the time!! Get professional solutions from the expert!
We figured that the detailed solutions offered by Vaishali would be useful for the entire community, so we are kicking off this live post to keep you abreast of the interesting conversations!! So stay tuned and scroll down to see the latest additions!
Query 1:-
I have a query on blinds. I had two panels of roman fabric blinds customized for a window in my earlier residence. The window was a large and wide one which covered almost the whole of one side of a wall. Now that I have shifted residences, I am not sure what I can do with these panels. I checked with a local tailor to see if it be altered to fit an existing window and he said nothing can be done. Can you please suggest some ideas for reusability as I spent a fair bit of money on them and they are quite pretty.
The roman blinds can very well be cut & fitted to the new size of your windows.
I hope you are talking to the same person for change of size who earlier customized them for you….because he will know how to change the size (a regular local tailor will not be able to do this job for you).
The procedure is – that the rods & the top fixture will need to be cut too along with the fabric from both ends to adjust to the new size. You could also check with the furnishing stores – the ones who sell curtain & upholstery fabrics. These stores usually have the tailors & carpenters who can do the alteration for you.
It is difficult to suggest an alternative usage unless i see the design/colour/print of the blinds BUT i suggest pursue finding the right tailor…… should succeed.
best of luck !”
Query 2:-
Would like to know what color curtain would go well with brown furniture.
Pic of my living/dining area
Brown furniture is a classic base for earth colour furnishings….or say warm colour palette like – rust, olive, beige, off white, burnt red, burgundy etc.
I have enclosed some pictures for you to explain my suggestion.
The idea is to break the monotony of all brown furniture with some print & colour AND fill in more warmth in your living space.
You can have a wall paper on the wall with the window & have a solid colour curtain.
You can have off white wall with jacobean print, paisley print or classic european print curtains & then throw in a couple of cushions of the same curtain print on the sofa with some other solid colour cushions
You can have a printed valance with solids colour curtains in 2 colours.
From pic 1 to 7 are some more of looks that you could pursue.
I hope the suggestion helps :).
Query 3:-
We have a theatre/ study room which I would like to convert to a casual lounge area.Currently the room only has a book shelf. Can you please suggest how can I do up this room?
For the Lounge area – with an informal atmosphere where you can put your feet up and chill. Let us look at your study – it has a rather modern look & is bare except the book shelf, the carpet & the curtains.
Keeping with that lets take the vertical space first & then we will come to the ground space:
Firstly we can replace the curtains by clean blinds in any neutral shade….this will give your space a cleaner look & increase the space by just of couple of inches but the feel quality will get better.
You could get any one wall painted in colour & put a coordinated wall painting on the opposite wall.
Keep the walls off white & put some colourful shelves & a painting to pep up the wall area.
FOR THE GROUND SPACE I suggest 2 options.

1) floor seating : all you need is get some good solid colour cotton fabrics, go to the local mattress maker & ask him to make colourful mattresses. Take same or coordinated fabrics & make cushions to throw around. This arrangement gives you flexibility to make different sitting combinations 
2) In case floor seating is not a comfortable idea for the family – take a rather neutral shade sofa accent them with colourful cushions & throw around some poufs. I have enclosed pictures to help you see my suggestion.
hope it works for you 🙂
Query 4:-
I live in Chennai and as you can imagine its scorching hot and bright. I am looking for pointers on curtains for my living area. I do not want to put heavy drapes as it makes the room too dark. I love sheers and thin curtains and want to know if there is anyway I can use these and still block out a lot of light? I cant put two layers as the curtain rods are the standard ones . Please help !
Response:You can solve the problem in either of the 3 ways I am going to suggest as per your convenience. I have enclosed some pictures to be able to put the idea across as clearly as possible.
Here the valance is the extra portion that is hanging on the top. You can keep that upto 20 inches. The valance can be of opaque fabric or the same sheer.
The opaque fabric valance will cut the light from the top & the rest can be sheer & as you required it does not need 2nd rod. Valances can be different shapes & also adds to the decoration of the curtain.
You could take 2 co-ordinated sheers & place them alternately on the curtain rings ( so no 2nd rod required). When you wish to have more light, just tie up the 2nd curtain.
Here I have shown 2 examples.
– the orange one has a small portion which is more sheer than the rest (you may not find a readymade material like this – you will have to get this stitched in paneled form)
– in the 2nd one – the whole of off-white central panel can be sheer & the top & bottom can be opaque fabrics
So none of the above need – 2nd rod, have light coming in partially and you do not need heavy drapes….I hope this will be of use to you.
cheers !

….More queries and responses coming soon!
Send us your queries soon!

Team Z

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