Home Furnishing Week – Adding colour to an all-white Kitchen!

The Home Furnishing Week is over!! We sign off with a great THANK YOU to Vaishali Sinha from everyone in the Z Community. The solutions were elaborate, informative and inspiring!

And we leave you with some great suggestions on adding colour to pristine white kitchen!

Home Furnishing Query:

Home Furnishing - View of door to deck
Kitchen cum Dining Area with door opening to deck

“I need blinds or whatever is apt for the french window shown in the picture attached.  It is a kitchen cum dining room and the door shown is an access to the open wooden deck where an outdoor dining table is going to be placed. Would like your advice in this regard.

Home Furnishing Week - View of deck
View of the Deck

Also, as you can see, the kitchen+pantry is a small area with white interiors. I need to include another wall shelf for some extra storage. Any tips on where this could be placed? And, would you give some suggestions on the kitchen decor/accessories that can help break the monotony of white with some colour highlights?”

Home Furnishing Week - The Kitchen Area
The Kitchen Area

Vaishali’s Response:

“The kitchen looks contemporary to me BUT I am not able to make out the layout of the kitchen or the type of furniture being used for the outdoor dining very clearly…..So I am going ahead and suggesting TWO very different looks you could pursue.

Home Furnishing Ideas - Adding colour to all white kitchen

1 – where whites are complimented with rustic unpolished wood shelves ( the look is more eco-friendly) & block print fabrics. The colour palette comes across clearly from the board
2 – where whites are complimented with bright peppy colours – in lamps, crockery, fabric for blinds & other nick knacks ( not much patterns but more solid colours).

Both the looks can be accented with suitable wall arts & artifacts

I hope one of them strikes a chord with your kitchen & deck ambience.
Best Wishes,

And those of you who missed this opportunity, stay tuned to Z, we are going to give you another chance!!

Team Z

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