Designer Jewellery – Pretty Earrings and a happy customer!

Designer Jewellery is bought with great passion and expectation! Every time we ship out a piece, we are eager to know how the customer felt when she got the first look of the jewellery. The spontaneous smile and nod of approval are what defines our success! And, when customers take the extra effort to reach out to us and share their thoughts, we feel rewarded beyond measure!

Bidri Earrings - Designer Jewellery from Ingots on Zaarga
Krishna Bidri Earrings – Designer Jewellery from Ingots

Ms. Anasua Saha from Bangalore emailed us as soon as she received the “Krishna Earrings” that she had ordered from Zaarga. Here is what she had to say – “Bought Krishna earrings from Ingots and they are beautiful. Even prettier than I thought they would be. I am extremely happy 🙂 Shopping at Zaarga was a great experience. Prompt responses to mails and quick shipment.”

Thank you, Ms. Anasua Saha!!

Ingots Earrings - Designer Jewellery Zaarga
Nayan Bidri Earrings – Designer Jewellery from Ingots

The Bidri range of designer jewellery from Ingots has been our favourite too! They are inspired by the Madhubani form of tribal painting and made using the 4000 year old Bidri craft technique with silver inlay on black metal. The Bidri handicraft derives its name from the town of Bidar in Karnataka, where families have been practising the craft from generations. The cast metal form is engraved with patterns and silver inlaid with hand.

The metalware is then oxidised using special clay from the walls of the ancient Bidar Fort!

The contrast of the gleaming white silver and coal dark base metal is striking & beautiful. A true masterpiece by the Designer duo Girinath & Ritika!

Bidri Cuffs from Ingots - Designer Jewellery at Zaarga
Stylish Bidri Cuffs – Designer Jewellery from Ingots

Check out the Cuffs, Chains and Earrings from this collection at the Ingots Designer Jewellery Store.


Team Z

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