Dhokra & Baluchari products at Miharu Store on Zaarga

Peacock planter in wood and Dhokra
Peacock planter in wood and Dhokra

Miharu, one of latest stores launched on Zaarga, is an attempt to promote rich, traditional but dying crafts of rural Bengal like Dhokra and Baluchari weaving. And they have got the right formula – using traditional craft styles and methods to create home decor products in the contemporary style and design.

Miharu is run by Parul Bajoria, who has been working closely with Dhokra artisans in rural Bengal and the Baluchari Weavers.

These handmade planters are a classic example of how Miharu has made traditional Dhokra craft and motifs relevant for the urban clientele.

The brass motifs on the planters are each a single unique piece, made using a clay mould that is lost in the process. It does not have joints and comes as a whole piece. Dhokra is the oldest form of metal casting and is also known as the ‘lost wax’ procedure.

Handmade wood Planters with Dhokra motifs
Square shaped Dhokra motif fixed on wood planter

The Baluchari weave has traditionally been used only in sarees. It is famous for its depictions of mythological scenes in the pallu of the saree. Baluchari got its name from the village where it originated 200 years ago. These sarees were typically worn by women from upper class and Zamindar households in Bengal and was hence a sign of aristocracy.

Miharu-Baluchari Cushions

Miharu has, for the very first time, used it to create a range of vibrant household and personal use products like cushion covers in 100% handloom silk. The product range is set to bring the feel of festivity and celebration.

Handbag made of handloom silk with baluchari weave
Handbag made of handloom silk with baluchari weave

Here is a warm welcome for the Miharu team and their store on Zaarga!


Team Z

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