Art of Wall Art – Deciding on the theme

Wall art/décor gives that final finishing touch to your interior(s). Though it’s often ignored, wall décor decisions can actually make or break the look that you want to achieve. It’s also an easy way to give a fresh new look to a space while redecorating. A peppy wall paper and/or exotic wall art can add instant glamour!!

Make your space pop with vibrant wall rt and wall paper
Peppy wall paper and wall art can add instant glamour!

When you start thinking of (re)doing your wall, the first question that pops in your mind is ‘What do I put in there?’ The market is flooded with options and you are confused on what would work best! There are two basic pointers that can help you filter out all the chaff at this point.

1)      Your Personal Style and Statement

The Wall Art that you choose has to be a reflection of your personal taste, style and preference. So irrespective of what your interior designer would prefer, think of what would soothe and relax you when you return home after a hectic day! It can be based on themes you like, collections from your travel, inspirational words and so on. To put it simply, you have to love what’s on your walls!

2)      Colour Size and Shape

Series of frames joined to form a single piece of Wall Art!
Series of frames joined to form a single piece of Wall Art!

To get the perfect pop, make sure the artwork you choose has the right colour, size and shape. The colour can match the existing colour palette of your interiors – like a dramatic black & white photograph against gray interiors. Or, it can be an entirely different set of complementary colours. Either way, the artwork you choose needs to work the space by lending it the desired feel.

Once you have decided on the theme and colours, you need to shortlist from the various options to realize the visual you have created in your mind. Watch out for next part of the series on the coming Friday! We will bring you a whole range of options to consider!

Stay tuned!


Team Z

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