The Art of Wall Art – Hanging your Wall Art

In the last two parts of the series we looked at how to go about choosing the right wall art for your décor, theme and budget. Once you have the wall art in possession comes the bigger problem – where and how to hang it! Let’s deal this aspect in this last and final part of the series.

1)      Size of the picture vs wall size

Wall art on a narrow wall
Wall art on a narrow wall

When you choose the wall/position for hanging a wall art, remember to place small pictures or set of small photos on a narrow wall. For a wide wall, go for larger pictures of set of larger photos.

If you are placing the picture on a wall right above a sofa/chest of drawers or any other piece of furniture, make sure that the width of the picture is not more than three fourth the width of the furniture. Too large pictures will tend to overpower the wall.

2)     Where to hang – the right height

They say that you should never get a very tall or short person to hang a picture! And not without reason, because the centre of a wall art is best if placed along the eye level of an average person, which would be around 5’5”. You could also check that the top of the picture stays at the same level as your door height.

And if you are hanging a group of pictures, the center of the group should be at the level mentioned.

3)     Planning a gallery

Making a gallery or hanging a group of pictures is almost like creating an artwork! Not to make you tense; if you observe a few ground rules, it should be fairly easy. 🙂

Picture gallery with similar frames
Creating a picture gallery with similar frames

To start with, have a common thread between all the individual pictures. Say, all black & white pictures on different frames, or all pictures on same frame, like all black or brown frames etc. This should make the set of pictures look like one unit.

Positioning pictures in a gallery
Positioning pictures in a gallery

Now to implement the gallery, first make paper cut-outs of the frames and try different placements on the floor. The spacing between the frames should be 1.5” – 2” depending on the size of the picture.

You could start with the pictures in the middle and grow outwards.

Once you are satisfied with your arrangement transfer the same to the wall and make few more adjustments until you are fully satisfied.

Now mark the nail points, hammer the nails, hang the frames, and…voila!

4)     Make your statement, have fun!

Finally, do remember that wall art is not a permanent fixture; you can always change it if you are not happy with the result or get bored with the arrangement after a while. So have fun while you are at it, and be confident enough to try your own unique idea or style!

With that we complete the 3 part series on wall art. Hope you had fun reading these! Check out Zaarga’s unique wall art section for some great options and do share your comments and opinion.

Courtesy for images 2 and 3: here


Team Z


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