Custom Furnishing Orders at Zaarga

At Zaarga, customizing products to order is something we love to take up! Picking something off the shelf may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes you desire to have cushion covers in a specific shade or fabric, beddings pertaining to a certain theme, artwork of specific sizes and so on. This is where Team Zaarga and the Zaarga Designer Community can be of assistance and work with you on bringing you what you are looking for!!

Recently we had Indira, a young mother, looking for customized curtains. Her lil one was fascinated by ocean creatures and so when they moved to their new sea-facing apartment, she decided to gift him an ocean themed room. She got wall decals and other accessories in the theme, but was unable to find a suitable curtain in the stores. That’s when Indira heard of the customized Kids Accessorieson Zaarga.

Ocean themed Kids bedroom


Sivakami of Advitiya@Zaarga came to help and she began by getting Indira’s preference and specifications for size, fabric choice, loops/eyelets, colours, motifs etc. We also got a picture of the room so Sivakami had a better idea of the other colours & elements that need to be matched. Based on these inputs, Sivakami created a mock up of the curtain and Indira liked it.

Ocean theme motifs
Ocean theme motifs
Mock up of Ocean themed Curtain
Mock up of Ocean themed curtain

Once the order was confirmed, Indira’s curtains were ready in 10 days and here’s what Indira has to say: “I was looking for a ‘under the sea‘ theme curtain for my son’s room. Zaarga helped me customize it to include my son’s favourite creatures and we simply love it! Thank you so much!”

And here are images of the beautiful finished curtains!

Ocean themed curtain
Ocean themed curtain

So when you have a specific or custom furnishing or decor need for your home, contact Team Zaarga and we can fulfill your dream project!


Team Z

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