Micro Kitchen Makeovers!

Unwinding after a long day at work is something we start looking forward to, right from around lunch break. 🙂 What better place to do this than in the environs of your own home? So it helps to come back to a fantastic space that ticks all the boxes namely – warm, pretty, airy, clean, organized, soothing; the list of boxes is a long one and boy is it difficult to tick all boxes!

An airy, aesthetic and welcoming living room (Courtesy: Better Home & Garden)
An airy, aesthetic and welcoming living room (Courtesy: Better Home & Garden)

The solution to converting your homes into a great space that you want to come back to is not to blow big money on things that will make you sit back at work a little longer (to redeem those rupees back!). Micro makeovers are what you need to subscribe to! Transforming small areas of your spaces step by step with a little DIY and a few great accessories are all it takes.

Over the next couple of weeks, we would like to share ideas that have worked in our homes and workspaces. We start off our micro makeover series with KITCHENS!

1. De-clutter & de-clutter: Put away equipment, tools and vessels that you don’t use regularly. Skillets, Woks and Tawas can be hung from hooks on the wall. Aim for an 80% free counter-top space! Small shelves in wood and glass besides looking attractive are practical as well. What’s best, you can put these up easily on your own.

A de-cluttered kitchen.
A de-cluttered kitchen. (Courtesy: Saira, a Zaarga Customer who participated in our Beautiful Kitchens Contest)


2. Efficient and Aesthetic Storage: Get rid of unsightly containers and invest in some coordinated and sturdy storage options for your lentils, pulses, spices, etc.

Stylish Storage Cans
Stylish Storage Cans

3. Masterchef-y Cookware: Be inspired to cook simple meals instead of unhealthy takeaways! A few great looking cook and serve ware can prove to be very inspirational, trust us!

A great alternative to non stick vessels with short life, pick up these stylish stainless steel cookware . Its healthy and looks good to eat from !!

Stainless Steel Premium Cookware
Stainless Steel Premium Cookware

Heat your food in these pretty microwaveable karahis and serve them too!

Heritage Karahi
Heritage Karahi Set of 3


4. The small touches: Small but thoughtful touches go a long long way in transforming a dreary kitchen into a delightful space. Pretty kitchen towels, a bright print on one of the walls, a great serving tray that can be displayed by propping against a wall, showing off your latest wine bottle on one corner of your breakfast table, a beautiful fruit basket, aah so many optioms !

Pretty Kitchen Towels
Pretty Kitchen Towels to pep up the kitchen decor


Kitchen Wall Art
Wall Art to add colour to the kitchen walls


Silver plated Cutwork Fruit Bowl
Stylish Bowl to hold your fruit supply
Dhokra Wine Bottle holder-
Display your latest wine bottle!

We hope that these tips help other ‘pressed for time’ working women like us. Do share ideas that can be implemented with minimum effort and time. We look forward to hearing from you. What space would you want us to tackle next, let us know!


Team Zaarga

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