Micro Makeovers – Balcony Decorating Ideas

Continuing our series on micro makeovers, we now fix our spotlight on an underutilized space in most houses – the balcony. Most of us start the day running as soon as the alarm rings ! Why not grab a few moments of Zen and some sunshine to kick-start the frantic day ahead?

Balcony with seating and green plants
Balcony with seating and green plants (Courtesy: Web)

The balcony, however small it may be, is your best place to do that ! All it takes is a little imagination and some effort and hey, you have your personal haven! The first step would be to give the space a good scrubbing down. A fresh coat of paint on the railings wouldn’t hurt either. Make that a fun weekend project so that it does not look too formidable!

Balcony with Flowers
Balcony with Flowers (Courtesy: Web)

Most of us live in busy cities where the view may not have a generous helping of nature! We don’t want the neighbor to intrude in on our Zen moments either. One way to lend a sense of intimacy to your outdoor space is to invest in Bamboo blinds or Chatais. These are cost effective and can be installed very easily to screen the space. Another great idea if you have an enclosed balcony is to have flowering creepers/climbers and cascading plants on the grilles. Looks and feels great !

Beautiful Wood Planters with Dhokra panels
Beautiful Wood Planters with Dhokra panels

Also keep a few flowering plants and easy to grow greens along the walls or on easy to fix wooden or granite ledges.

Zaarga has some great planters that you could pick up for this.






On one of our travels we saw a very interesting symmetric arrangement of earthen urns on little ledges. Make your own adaptation of this to up the glam quotient of your balcony.

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Interesting arrangement of Urns

Our tips – Pretty lanterns in different colors, interesting candle sticks or even terracotta figures are wonderful space elevators!

For a larger space, bird baths are a great idea. Brass urlis with pretty blooms look very appealing.

Interesting light fixtures in rattan or the pretty bead hanging light from Zaarga is a sure shot way to transform your balcony in the evenings.

Enchanting Garden Light
Enchanting Garden Light

If you are in the mood for spending, invest in a great balcony chair or a rustic wooden bench with a backrest. If not, a colorful bean bag will also do just fine. Add splashes of color by placing cushions in vibrant shades. Floral prints are a great idea.

Rope chair and floral cushions make a great combo!
Rope chair and floral cushions make a great combo!

Now unwind with that cuppa tea or coffee. Pick some great options for serving them as per your taste.


Team Zaarga

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