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Charming Cups and Mugs for your Monsoon Cuppa

The monsoon is here to cool our land and hearts! The chill weather and refreshing drizzles leave us craving for a cuppa very often!! Whether its a quick cup over at your work desk or a long, lazy one at the balcony, the choice of your cup can add a great deal of fun and energy to your drink! So here are some of our picks for your monsoon cuppa!

For those causal cups of tea/coffee with your buddy at the balcony, the Kalpataru Coffee Mug and the stainless steel “Seamless Belly Cup” are great options.

arttdinox seamless bellycupset
Seamless Belly Cup

If you are in the mood for something more romantic, go for the porcelain “Poetic Garden Mugs” with beautiful hand-drawn images in cobalt blue that transport you to imaginary gardens of Mughal era!

Poetic Garden Mug Set

For an elaborate “tea-party” or a high tea, you may want to go the whole 9 yards and use something as exquisite as the “Heritage Tea Set“.

Heritage Tea Set
Heritage Tea Set

And for all those occasions when you want to simply pick a mug and enjoy a hot shot of tea or coffee, here’s a fun set of tea cups and coffee mugs to choose from!

Fun Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups
Fun Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups

As they say, a lot can happen over coffee…! Have fun and enjoy your cuppa!!


Team Zaarga


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