Serving your Starters

Starters or hors d’oeuvres are those light, typically bite-sized snacks that you serve ahead of the main meal. Scrumptious starters can almost guarantee happy guests and raving reviews. And in cocktail parties your guests could end up consuming more of the starters than the actual meal; so it makes sense to do some bit of planning for this part of the meal.

Good choice of trays, bowls and cutlery can make your carefully prepared dish more appetising and will wow your guests even before they taste the dish! Here are some of our picks for a sassy start to your meal!

Acrobat Picks!
Acrobat Picks!
Cocktail Starter Forks
Cocktail Starter Forks


For serving your olives here are two smart bowls! They come thoughtfully designed with provision for holding the toothpicks!

Bazaar Olive Dish
Bazaar Olive Dish
Doric Olive Tray
Stylish Tray for serving olives with provision for holding toothpicks!


And when you wish to serve small portions of multiple starters, choose trays like the Ambrosia Tray.

AmbrosiaTray for Starters
AmbrosiaTray for Starters


Here is a stylish Nut Bowl and a Tray for serving an assortment of drinks and short eats.

Nut Bowl in an exquisite fusion of seasoned wood and stainless steel
Nut Bowl in an exquisite fusion of seasoned wood and stainless steel
Bar Tray
A truly masculine Bar Tray made of matt steel with black acrylic and etchings

Finally, here are some stylish coasters and napkin holders to limit the mess while having fun!

Coasters and Napkin Holders
Stylish Coasters and Napkin Holders


Team Zaarga

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