Tuesday Spotlight: Get Ready for Rakhi!

Rakhsha Bandhan is hardly 2 weeks away and sisters everywhere are looking for the most gorgeous rakhi to tie on their brothers’ wrists – as well as eyeing some nifty presents they can con their male siblings into getting for them, I’m sure!

Tuesday Spotlight: Rakhi special pooja thali
Tuesday Spotlight: Rakhi special pooja thali

Zaarga is full of some great, unique gear to suite everyone but let today’s spotlight fall on the utterly gorgeous Raksha Bandhan Collection. Pretty kundan rakhis, cartoon-inspired rakhis, blingy ones – we have them all! And nothing goes better with them than this ultra special thali. There are also some girly ones so your sister-in-law doesn’t feel left out! How sweet is that?

Go on and treat your brother nice – get him an extra-special rakhi from Zaarga. And let him loose on our website to get you the ultimate gift for the ultimate sister.

Happy Raksha Bandhan everyone!

Featured Designer – Aditi Gidh

We had a great month showing you some great cookware and tableware, and now its time to move on…! Yes, we have our next Featured Designer of the month – Aditi Gidh, fashion graduate and founder of C A S A  O M Y A A.

Casa Omyaa creates home furnishings that are neo classic, contemporary and rooted. Designed by blending traditional crafts and textiles with modern contemporary designs. The products are therefore truly classic, pieces that will never run out of style! Aditi also makes sure that they create a sustainable livelihoood for all the people involved with them in the manufac
Team Zaarga is happy to introduce Aditi Gidh to you – read on to find out more about this lovely lady! 🙂

Aditi Gidh

 1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

I have always been the moody, creative kid who excelled at sketching and art through her school and college. After graduating in Fashion Design from School of Fashion Tech. – (NIFT), I started out as a wardrobe designer in the fashion industry. I am always in search of creating something innovative and unique and have dabbled in clothing and accessories before starting out with Casa Omyaa. My parents and well wishers have been the driving forces in constantly motivating me and being my support through the difficult times.

2.  What inspired you to work in the area of Soft Furnishings?

Home furnishings actually happened to me by chance! 
After working in the clothing line for over 5 years, I wanted a creative change. My colleague and dear friend Krishnendu Datta was instrumental in convincing me to start with a line of exclusive handcrafted home furnishings. My love for Indian handloom and handicraft is also another big inspiration for entering this area! I love using beautiful hand woven fabrics and Indian craft techniques keeping my designs simple and elegant, which is a reflection of my personality.

Pure silk pin tucked collection of cushions

3. Can you tell us about your Design journey so far?

I have always tried to design and create something unique and elegant. My designs reflect my personality which highlights two important aspects – simple and elegant. I constantly try to evolve my designs based on my observations and the suggestions of my well wishing clients. I have been happy with my designs so far, but there is still a long way to go!

4. What/Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration comes from observing the simplest of things around me! I look for the most unusual colors, textures, shapes and sizes and I get all this by observing the beautiful things nature has bestowed upon us.

5. Who is your Number One  my fan?

It has to be my friend Krishnendu Datta! Jokes apart, I feel we still haven’t reached our fans to the extent that we should have.
6. What are the aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?

Brocade & poly silk placemats and coasters

I enjoy conceptualizing and sketching out random design ideas on my mind. And when these ideas turn into actual products, it gives a sense of immense satisfaction and joy to me!

7. What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your work or design in general?

The biggest challenge I face today is the marketing of our products domestically and internationally. Unfortunately I am not blessed with a great marketing acumen, hence it becomes a challenge to market my products in an effective way. On a positive note, we are working towards it and would hopefully have a great marketing team soon enough! 🙂

8. What is your fabric of choice and why?

I absolutely love Indian handloom textiles! I love working with a varied variety of silks and cottons & usually don’t prefer blends / artificial fabrics. I stick to natural fabrics for their pure feel.

Corded khadi silk cushion covers

9. How often do you add new designs to your catalog?

I only add new designs when I feel its required. On an average, I work on a new collection once a year, but if it sells well, then I may continue it further as most of my designs are classic and won’t go out of style.

10.  Do you offer customized interior solutions? Can you tell us a little more of the kind of projects that you undertake?

Yes, we at Casa Omyaa work on customized Interior Decor projects. Our area of specialization is customized furnishings and furniture for homes and commercial spaces. In addition to this, we also work on themed based apartments, bungalows, restaurants, etc from the concept to the entire execution, which involves working closely with the architect.

11. What is your vision for your work and design? Any exciting plans for the road ahead that you can share with us?

We plan to expand into handcrafted home decor & lifestyle products in the near future. We have already started our work with focused Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) from the rural areas in creating our products. We strive to provide them with a sustainable source of income whilst producing a range of products for our clients across the globe. We hope to have Casa Omyaa run by a strong women force in the near future, as they are the biggest strength in shaping the future of our country!

12. Can you share with us a dream project in your wish list?

Our dream project is to start a unique lifestyle store that houses rooted yet contemporary products made by Indian artisans and the underprivileged women of our society, by way of providing them better means of Income whilst producing exclusive handcrafted lifestyle products for all our clients. 

Handwoven Jute placemats & coasters

13. Your thoughts on Zaarga.

Zaarga is the perfect launch-pad for creative artists and designers of today! Not only is the entire team highly professional, but they share a caring relation with all their designers that puts all our worries about selling our products at rest. I would love to be associated with Zaarga for a long time ahead! I wish them all the luck for their future endeavors!

May all the dreams and aspirations of Aditi Gidh & her team at Casa Omyaa come true! It is indeed a matter of pride to be associated with Designers who are working towards inclusion of artisans and creating sustainable livelihood for them.We would love to be part of all their endeavours!!

And for all of you, we have a great month of fun and retail therapy on home linen!! Here we go!!
Team Z

“Kitchens with character and soul” – Contest Winner

Yes, yes, we know you are eager to know who won the Contest, but before we get there, we would like to introduce you to the creative personality who judged the entries and made the big decision! 
Meet Bhargavii Mani, Director, Business Edge

A global citizen, the design bug in Bhargavii took her to Raffles Design International, Singapore. After being a top student there she worked in Singapore and Dubai in reputed firms. Her cutting edge design sense and clean photographic aesthetics are seen today in several retail, F & B and residential interiors in these world capitals.
She set up Edge Design Studio with the express desire to change the retail landscape in India , using her knowledge and skills absorbed from such retail capitals. A dynamic entrepreneur herself, Bhargavii has a keen understanding of business issues.
A singer and arts patron, Bhargavii along with her associates transforms her design space into a venue to support all forms of art and culture. Bhargavii also writes periodically on interior design for a few publications.

We thank Bhargavii for honouring us by setting time aside to judge this Contest and share her views.
So who won the beautiful Heritage Cup & Saucer by arttd’inox?? Any guesses????

Well…!! We have a tie!!! Bhargavii thinks that both Nimmu Thomas and Kavitha Ram have equally beautiful kitchens!


And here’s what Bhargavii had to say about these entries:
About Nimmu Thomas’ kitchen:

Nimmu Thomas outside her kitchen

“Despite the restriction of a small space, her kitchen is a very functional one. Clearly she cooks and cleans in her kitchen and these are evident from the Drip tray below the dish rack. Also the way she has arranged all the ceramic and glassware in her upper cabinets, the ladles and spoons and mugs from the stand, clearly indicate that she’s a practical woman in the kitchen having everything a feet or two away. The golden triangle in the kitchen works well too. The breakfast counter, which also acts as a partition has also been smartly put together. She wins this because there are no pretensions and it comes across like one can walk into her home any minute of the day, and such is how the kitchen would be! Good job!”

About Kavitha Ram’s kitchen:                      

Kavitha in her garden
“Clearly a kitchen from outside India, where neither space nor quality of workmanship is a constraint. What I like about her kitchen is how open the plan is. I can imagine Kavitha walking around the kitchen and cooking for her family, listening to music, having them dine out of the bar cum breakfast counter, chatting or skyping with her family back home. She obviously does her dishes, and this is evident from the mat on the floor below the washing area. The magnets on her fridge tell me it’s a family space. Kavitha, I assume is a working woman who runs back home to take care of her family, for who a kitchen is an extension of the living area. Love the roomy feeling… The space feels lived in!”


CONGRATULATIONS, Nimmu Thomas and Kavitha Ram! Your Heritage Cup Sets will soon be on their way!
We also congratulate all the participants, especially our shortlisted candidates for their effort and enthusiasm in participating in the Contest. All of you have such yummy kitchens!
And here’s to more contests, more prizes and lot more fun in the Z Community!

Team Z


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