Featured Brand of the Month : arttdinox

Stainless Steel used to be a household favourite until melamine and microwavable crockery took over. But with growing concerns about the health hazards posed by melamine and various kinds of plastic ware, people are increasingly turning back to their good old Stainless Steel.

The Hungry Caterpillar Dinner Set

But Stainless Steel is no longer passe, thanks to the house of Jindals who launched “arttd’inox“, a premium brand for designer made Stainless Steel cookware and tableware, by marvelously blending high grade steel with ceramic, wood, brass and glass to create stunning and stylish designs.

Zaarga is proud to present “arttd’inox” as the brand of the month. We caught up with the team at arttd’inox to get you closer to this highly popular and sought after brand.

1. Can you tell us something about the origin of the brand arttd’inox? 

arttd’inox was started with an idea to promote stainless steel, a material which was not considered high end, with a whole new look and feel. We make it with a global touch and flair as it is internationally sold.

2. Who is the driving force behind the brand – defining its vision and steering it to success?

Ms. Deepikaa Jindal, the visionary who saw the potential of lifestyle designs in Stainless Steel slowly and steadly moulded her dream into reality.

Enchanted Cups

3. What is the USP of arttd’inox?

We create spaces that speak of you. Touching each aspect of your home and office with our contemporary designs and products, arttd’inox has products which are specially for ‘you’.

4. How do you define “high grade premium stainless steel” that is part of your product specification?

There are different grades of stainless steel which are available in market. Coming from the house of Jindals, we work with the highest grade of stainless steel, well established with properties like high on food grade, high on luster and finish and corrosion resistance.

Sequence Collection

5. Are arttd’inox brands sold/going to be sold outside India?
arttd’inox is already being sold outside in New York, Libya, Hong Kong, Korea, Ecuador.

6. Can you tell us something about the arttd’inox range of modular kitchens

arttdinox modular kitchen

arttd’inox is into Stainless Steel modular kitchens, the only brand in the country making 100% stainless steel kitchens. Further, we work on complete kitchen manufacturing cycle in-house design, production and ours is the only kitchen to give AMC. Being Stainless Steel in material, our kitchens are have unique properties:
a. Water resistance and thus corrosion resistance and fungus free
b. Very easy to clean and maintain
c. Made from 100% stainless steel so no problem of pests and termites
d. No problem of cabinets sagging and collapsing as there is no wooden content
e. Extremely hygienic as there are no fumes from Varnish/laqor
f. Comes in all colors, textures and finishes you can dream about including wooden finishes which look absolutely like wood
g. In India we are the only modular kitchen which provides preventive maintenance for first 2 years and AMC thereafter.


Cookie Tray

8. What do you consider the biggest challenge faced by the brand?

We are the category creators in lot of areas like lifestyle tableware and cookware and modular kitchens therefore all the challenges which a first mover has, we had that.
           Further, in India Stainless Steel as a material was considered old, boring, cheap. We are the ones trying to change that concept which we are still doing. In a market dominated by Wooden modular kitchens we are trying to bring in Stainless Steel kitchens.

9. Which is the most popular design/collection under the arttd’inox brand? 

Mushroom Nut Bowl

All our collections have done well. Mushroom collection has brought a lot of awards and accolades back home. There are collections which are naughty and interesting like See no evil mugs, Pink panther collection.
Then there were products ergonomically designed like the Geometric Planter.

10. How often do you add new designs to your catalog?
Variety and change keeps the product offerings fresh and new. We keep coming out with collections every quarter. Single products can be monthly or event specific e.g. Pooja Thali during Diwali or calendar during New Year.
11. What is the vision for your work and design? Any exciting plans for the road ahead that you can share with us?

No Evil Mugs

Our Vision is to consistently ‘WOW’ our customers with new products and designs.

12. Your thoughts on Zaarga.
Zaarga is an excellent platform which has brought together great designs and designers. It’s a one point shop to buy home and décor related products.

We wish Deepikaa Jindal and the Team at arttd’inox success in all their challenges and new endeavours. So what are you waiting for, open up the shopping bag and grab some of the best cookware/tableware you can lay hands on! And rest assured that your guests would go gaga over your new crockery collection!!

Team Z

Featured Designer – Tejas Soni

Tejas Soni

Tejas Soni, a graduate from the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, was the first to sign up with us on Zaarga. When Tejas’ love for Nature, sculpturing expertise and creativity  come together, what results are timeless pieces that design conossieurs would love to collect and cherish forever.  By resurrecting the forgotten craft techniques, Tejas makes craft a viable livelihood for the craftsmen and reminds us of a cultural heritage that we need to sustain, promote and be proud of.

Team Zaarga is proud to introduce you to the creative genius behind the much acclaimed Lily and Banana bowls

 1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

I belong to a family of goldsmiths in Gujarat. I have always had a strong inclination towards crafts and was always motivated by my parents and well wishers to do new things. Since my father had a jewelry and casting workshop I was always found there experimenting and making sculptures! 

2. Much of your work is based on the traditional Dhokra craft. What drew you towards Dhokra?

Dhokra happened by chance! It was a project that I did for the Chhattisgarh Government and when I started the project I wasn’t very sure myself if it was going to work! But I fell in love with the craft form and skills of the craftsmen. That is what drew me towards it. Then gradually I started to experiment with the craft form. I decided to design against the normal products and create a new range that made the world notice the art form with more respect. I wanted the art form to be more than just a decorative piece of work.

3. Are you experimenting with any other traditional craft?

Oh yes, of course. I am making products with the traditional crafts of Jaipur. You can see the products made with the traditional Naqqashi and Chetai crafts of Jaipur on my Zaarga Store itself. Few examples of the products are the Lily Leaf Platter, Banana Leaf Platter, etc.


Clockwise from top- Lily Bowl, Lily Platter, Fingerprint Coaster, Peepal Leaf Coaster and Banana Leaf Platter

4. What was the first product that you designed?

My first product was a sculpture that depicted a peanut that had been blown 5 times of its usual size. It was an art piece, a decorative form casted in Bronze metal with a oxidized finish. The product also won “The Innovative Application of Existing Material award”, by Living Etc in Association with RSA (Royal Society of Arts, London) 

5. What/Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?
Dona Bowl

Nature! It’s my biggest inspiration. The flora and Fauna around me inspires me to create my collections. I take notice of the small things around me, things that you would miss to notice.

6. Who is your Number One fan?

Wow! I have never thought about it. I would say for me all those who value and take notice of my work are my fans!

 7. What are the aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?

I think it has to be all the aspects. This may sound a little clichéd but truly it is. I love sitting with my sketching book to create concepts, I love sitting with a cup of chai with my craftsman when we discuss the concept. I like taking care of entire process that goes behind making the product. Also I enjoy being my own boss! Its fun to have your own design studio and work as and when you want.

8. What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your work or design in general?

The biggest challenge today is making genuine crafts available to the people.

9. Is there any design of yours that you consider your best? Which one is it and why?

The best is yet to come! But the design close to me and I am very fond of it is the Peanut dry fruit bowl.

Peanut Dry fruit bowl
10. How often do you add new designs to your catalog?

I add few products every year but I don’t do season collections like my contemporaries. I design when I feel that there is a need for a new product. I design when I feel that all my previous designs have reached my audience and now they look forward for more! 

11. What is your vision for your work and design? Any exciting plans for the road ahead that you can share with us?

Dhokra Wine Holder

My vision is pretty simple- create timeless pieces that find their way into the lives of both contemporary and classical people around the globe.

 12. Can you share with us a dream project in your wish list?

My dream project is to create limited edition products that everyone desires and wants to own.

13. Your thoughts on Zaarga.

Zaarga is an amazing platform to share and connect with like-minded craft lovers. It has been an amazing support for Tejas Soni Design as well. I am proud to be associated with Zaarga and wish Zaarga and the team many more glorious years ahead. Cheers!

We wish Tejas great success and fulfillment in his creative journey. And we hope to showcase several more of his amazing products…

Team Z

Featured Designer: Mukul Goyal

His men have been at Zaarga right from the start…and everyone admires them! Sometimes they are holding your books, sometimes your serving bowls; they make merry with you by stirring your drinks and at times when they are really tired, they just flop on a Stapler and take the much deserved break!!

Yes!!! We are talking about the “ID Collection” of home accessories by the ingenious Mukul Goyal, and now we are really happy to bring to you the man who created them! 🙂 Here’s what Mukul had to say to Team Z and all of you out there who adore his work!

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

I started my professional life as an IIT Engineer but found my true calling in Design. My first few products were jewelry pieces made out of scrap materials. I have worked in a tractor industry before I began my explorations in Design.

2. When did you start designing? Can you give us a small glimpse into your design journey from a graduate designer to becoming“Mukul Goyal” the popular brand?

I always had an inclination towards art and creativity.
If I were to be honest I am still that graduate designer that I was when I started! The brand Mukul Goyal happened because somewhere my products connected with people and became popular. Even today I am apprehensive about my new products and concerned about their interactions with people.

3. What was the first product that you designed?

I do not remember the first thing I would have designed ever but I do know that creating stuff used to be an all consuming exercise for me. The first product that I designed for the brand Mukul Goyal was the ID Bookends and to my luck they still continue to be amongst the bestsellers of the range.

4. What/Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

My inspiration is the world around me – it is a madhouse of people and I am one of them!

5. Who is your Number One fan?

Do I have fans?

6. What are the aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?

Being my own boss, deciding my own work regime, designing what I want to rather than working on someone else’s brief gives me a huge kick!
I derive huge amounts of gratification from the sales of my product as the products do seem to be connecting to people both in India and abroad!

7. What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your
work or design in general?

The biggest challenge is to remain focused and true to one’s beliefs!

8. Is there any design of yours that you consider your best? Which one is it and why?

Strangely, the designs which I am fond of may not have found much favour commercially but they are still close to my heart. Long back I had done some nut shell bowls which were reminiscent of the coconut shell but they did not do well in the market.
The ID series of products in my range is my eternal favourite as I see a little bit of myself in each of those!

9. How often do you add new designs to your catalog?

I refresh my catalogue once a year. At that time, new products are added, some old products may be dropped or tweaked and balance continues status quo.

10. What is your vision for your work and design? Any exciting plans for the road ahead that you can share with us?

I have never been much of a planner and live each day as it comes! My products have done a great job of marketing themselves and I hope it stays that way! Now I would like to dabble in non-product design – when I figure that one out, I shall shed more light on it!

11. Can you share with us a dream project in your wish list?

An installation on the city scape

12. Your thoughts on Zaarga.

Zaarga is a great partner to have on my side! Apart from ensuring a great positioning, Zaarga reaches out my products to the right audience.

We wish all success and glory to brand Mukul Goyal and its creator in his various endeavours. And we definitely hope to have his more of his men around to do our chores!

Team Z

Featured Designer: Ahalya

Ahalya – the Creative Head of Rasvihar (Jewellery for Life) & Sarangi (the Kanjivaram Sari Store) recently launched Cleosara – a fresh, new and completely different looking brand of Sterling Silver jewelry using natural gemstones. We caught up with Ahalya to know more about her passion for jewellery making and her thoughts on people, design and more…

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

I grew up surrounded by a lot of artistic influences – I am trained in dance and I’ve always loved watching things being made. I am a big fan of beauty – in any form: art, interiors, furniture, jewellry. I am a believer in the merger of form and function and endeavour to always incorporate this belief in my work.

2.  When did you start designing?

Although I have stayed and worked with artists of different kinds, I really started designing as a professional about 8 or 9 years ago. However, before that my training and studies in Arts in a traditional way and my early influences have somehow stayed right with me and culminated in my choice to become a designer.

3.  Did you ever dream or think of being something else other than a Designer?

My childhood ambitions have ranged from wanting to be a Veterinary Doctor to a Make up Artist ! To this day, I am an animal – lover and I do still have great passion for ensuring visual presentation of a person is well done and make up is a big part of that. Becoming a jewellery designer has been an evolution for me – an evolution that has somehow combined many of the early influences in my life. It was not really an idea that I had decided early on or in my childhood.

Salma: Silver Dangling Earrings set with Mariam Disc Stone

4.  Is there any specific reason you chose jewellery designing over other areas of design?

I have always loved beautiful things. But my love for creating jewellery is what I find most fulfilling. I really love seeing how people use jewellery and I think the process of creating a piece of jewellery – starting from conceptualising it, visualising it on someone and then designing it on paper and then seeing it getting crafted into reality is what I find very fulfilling.

5. After developing a fine jewellery brand like Rasvihar, what prompted you to develop a silver jewelry line like Cleosara?
Traditionally a lot of silver jewelry from here looks ethnic. While I love traditional jewellery forms, I’ve long perceived a gap area in the silver jewelry available. I wanted to create a line of jewelry that is neither vintage nor futuristic but is bold, colourful, fuss-free and will be relevant for women in a contemporary social setting and can be worn anywhere in the world.  Working with sterling silver and natural gemstones in the Cleosara line has been great to create that look for every day smart casual dressing.

6. What is your favourite colour or theme?

Personally I love gold and silver, white and pink. But the best part of my work is that I can keep changing my favourites although I am sure these four elements do influence my design work at some level.

7. What/Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

People and the way they wear their jewelry and also how social norms of presenting oneself keep constantly changing. This is what inspires me.

8. Who is your Number One fan?

I feel really blessed and fortunate when people love or appreciate my work. There are several people ranging from close family, colleagues or even clients whose love for my work makes me happy. I really don’t think it would be fair to just pick one person because they all mean so much to me.

9. What are the best aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?

For me it is clearly two fold and both somehow relate to the people I get to meet and interact with in my line of work.

Firstly, as a person designing jewelery – I get to see how the people it is designed for actually wear it and how it influences the way they present themselves to others in a social sense. In that context, you relate to these persons in a very different and special way. Finding my work becoming an important part of someone’s life is really a great motivating aspect of my work.

Secondly, I truly enjoy working with some of the best talent in craftsmanship who are so passionate and committed to their craft and their work. Some of them are so enterprising and rooted in their work that it is inspiring to work with them. It is also about keeping alive some of our best traditional crafts albeit in a very contemporary and relevant context.

10. What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your work or design in general?

The biggest challenge is to reach out to the right set of people or audience for a particular line or design I have developed. It is really about getting more people to accept my design philosophy and aesthetic sense for their own.

Another aspect is that culturally, here in India we are so used to things being made by hand that at some level we don’t always recognise or appreciate the effort and cost involved in making something that is still handcrafted at the highest level of quality. Especially when a lot of talent has moved away from such traditional crafts to other avenues. Some people don’t easily get the economics of this effort.

Katie: Sterling Silver Ring with Caribbean Larimer Stone

11.  Is there any design of yours you consider your best? Which one is it and why?

Thankfully NO ! I don’t think of any one design as my best. Maybe the day I start to think I’ve done my best work would be a good day to call it quits !!

12. What is your vision for your work and design?

To continue making jewellery that is socially relevant to people. Jewellery is often expensive and rather than consider it a financial investment I would like more people to start considering it a personal or social investment that helps establish who you are rather than what you are worth.

Rihanna: Sterling Silver Pendant with Red Onyx and Silver Tone Disc

13. Your thoughts on Zaarga…..?

It is nice to see an e-commerce portal that gives importance to designers. I think good design has great value in any area: personal accessories, jewellery, furniture, home art, décor. Those who know me, know how much I love beautiful spaces – be it a home, a store or any space. What I like about Zaarga is the passion to put together great designer products and make it available to more people through online medium. Good luck to Zaarga to reach more and more people and spread beauty through their growth.

Team Z is also a huge fan of the Rasvihar and Cleosara range of jewellery! On behalf of our readers, we thank Ahalya for doing the feature for us and giving us a gimpse of the her superbly creative mind and vision. We wish Ahalya all success and glory in her design journey…

Team Z

Featured Designer – Shuba and Padmaja

Team Zaarga believes that its not enough to just bring beautiful products within your reach; but we also need to introduce to you the creative minds that work behind the beautifully designed products.  Our monthly ‘Featured Designer’ project has been one of our initiatives towards that goal.

Padmaja Venket Ram and Shuba Kuila of “The Indian Twist”

This month, we are happy to introduce to you Shuba and Padmaja, two advertising professionals in Chennai, who wanted to capture all that is uniquely Indian in “THE INDIAN TWIST” – unique Indian gifts with a twist – philosophical yet melodramatic, artistic also kitschy, superstitious & cynical, quiet, sensitive and loud all at once!  Read on to get to know these creative minds!

1. When did you start designing ?

We’re a team of two ad-professionals. Shuba Kuila is a copy writer basically & Padmaja Venket Ram is a graphic designer. Shuba founded & runs a design hot house, The Inkpot. Padmaja joined The Inkpot in 2003. We have been working together since then.

2. What led you to start designing décor accessories/stationery ?

During a really long lull time in work, we decided to do something together. Tossed around a few ideas & we finally had this brainchild – The Indian Twist. We design various accessories for the home and people with a quirky Indian twist. And we lean a bit more towards Chennai & it’s various quirks.

Are you a Sapattu Raman? Then, prove it! We dare you with these coasters that can drive you to gluttony!”  – Sapattu Raman Coasters by The Indian Twist

3.What is your favourite colour or theme?

Since we’re about all that’s quirky Indian, we tend to use bright, kitschy colours in our designs. 

4. What / Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

India! Especially South India. The vibrant colours all around us and the crazy stuff that people do…

   5. Who is your Number One fan?

We have lots of people who are always on the look out for new products from us. There’s this lovely lady for whom we put together a set of crazy, quirky stuff for her brother’s nalangu function (traditional custom in Tamil Brahmin weddings) – Specially painted Bakasura Tissue Box, Nala Damayanthi Apron, etc which are not usually part of a Nalangu set. She keeps in touch with us still and often gets a sneak preview of our new products too. She’s undoubtedly our number one fan! 

Somehow Ravana didn’t quite make a mark with Sita. In his new Avatar with the Indian Twist, he does try to make a mark with you. Go ahead, try his mug. it isn’t so bad after all!”  – Ravana Mug from The Indian Twist

6. What are the best aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?

We enjoy every part of it. Brainstorming on ideas, designing them and the high of the design resulting in something tangible…  all of them are thoroughly enjoyable. 

7. What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your work or design in general?

For us, the biggest challenge is executing ideas. For instance, when we started off, we had so many ideas in metal. We couldn’t execute even one because we just didn’t find someone who could work with us & even when we did, they wanted huge orders… So lots of our good ideas are shelved only because we couldn’t get someone to execute it for us. 

You have to gift this one to your bearded, broken-hearted friends. But don’t forget to fill it up and watch his spirits soar! ”  – Devdas Beer Mug from The Indian Twist

 8. Is there any design of yours you consider your best? Which one is it and why?

It’s very difficult to choose a favourite! We’ve put in so much of thinking into each one that it’s unfair to choose just one! 

9. What is your vision for your work and design?

Every Indian Twist product should be something colourful, fresh, irreverant, Indian and bring a smile on the person who picks it up.


“Hey! Jalebis, Samosas and Chaats can wait. Feast your eyes on our delicious Dieter’s Coasters. That way you can stick to your Diet and still have a blast!” – Dierters Coasters from The Indian Twist!

10. Your thoughts on Zaarga…..?

A credible online portal for designers like us who are not big, yet tend to be selective about where our products are seen…

Check out “The Indian Twist” store on Zaarga to see all their quirky products, and we bet it will bring a smile on your face or even make you burst out in laughter! We wish Shuba and Padmaja a great innnings with The Indian Twist and hope to see all their great ideas take shape as great products!

Team Z

Bead Magic!

What we love about beaded curtains is that they not only allow for a play with color, light and texture, but also enable us to create natural connectors between spaces. They have the ability to create privacy without disconnecting an area from the rest of the house, office, bar or restaurant...” shares Sreeti Mondol, Principal Designer of “Memories of a Butterfly” an exclusive brand of customized bead curtains

MOAB Bead Curtain in a Moroccan Restaurant

Team Zaarga caught up with Sreeti to find our more about her design projects, how these wonderful curtains get conceived for a space and most of all, to find out how our readers can bring some of that magic into their own spaces! Read on to find out what we have discovered for you!

1) What kind of spaces do you generally design for?

We do all kinds of spaces. We have done homes, restaurants, spas, bars, lounges, model flats. Our bead curtains have been designed for temple rooms, living and bedrooms, rooftops, kitchens and dining areas; doors, windows walkways, bedposts…the list really just goes on and on..

MOAB Bead Curtain at a famous SPA

2) In a domestic space, what are the typical areas where a Bead Curtain would fit best?

Typically……dining kitchen separators, dining living separators, entrance areas, temple rooms, stairways, bedroom entrances, bed posts…..

3) Can you share your experience on one of your most challenging/interesting projects?

MOAB Pomegranate Bead Curtain

Oh my, it would be really hard to single out any project, it can’t be done, but I will say this, each type of client has their own charm but the consistent thing that comes out of any interaction, whether it be a serious and stoic client or an enthusiastic one…. the minute they see their curtain they melt like butter. Bead curtains bring out in all of us that same feeling that we felt when as kids we stared into a deep glass marble wondering how the universe could fit into such a small little glass ball 🙂

Just a few other things come to mind… when couples come to choose a bead curtain for their new house, I have experienced every extreme of emotions between them, they fight for what they think is best for their new house, to show their individual tastes…I love coming up with something that suits a man and a woman…. when the piece is done and up, they will often call to say how much they love it and how it represents them both, which is what matters the most.

Architects/interior designers designing for SPAs, hotels and restaurants love that bead curtains keep the spaces undefined yet private…. open spaces are are so important…

Often I’ll have architects and interior designers order curtains for their own private spaces which is a great compliment to me.

4) How is MOAB different from others?

MOAB is different, as much as any company or brand that has a clear prespective, in that it knows who it is.

We like to keep things simple and straight and an environment like that brings about most joy and creativity for all involved. If business goals, design goals and most importantly people goals are kept straight, things stay true and smooth.

People who come to us will find openness in terms of design and idea and we will deliver to a clients contentment. So in a word, we truly customize not just our design, but our service as well. That’s where our perspective is.

Possibilities with these beads are endless…few beads from MOAB collection.

5) Once a client gives a requirement, what is the creative process that happens from your end? How do you go about choosing the right beads and design for that space?

MOAB Champagen Bead Curtain at a Temple Room

Firstly the process is extremely customized, so it works differently with different clients, depending on their needs really. Our priority lies in being flexible not only in design but also in process for the client and for our own satisfaction on any project….

But a rough process:
Once an inquiry comes in usually by mail or call, I’ll ask for a brief from the client in terms of:

– purpose of curtain
– pictures of surrounding area
– their aesthetic (with reference to curtains on our website or otherwise)
– the look and feel of their house
– area size
– budget indication
– walk through or not

– area where curtain is coming

I always prefer speaking to clients as it gives me a better feel for who they are, their taste etc. With international clients images are most helpful as calls are not always convenient.

MOAB Capiz Shell bead curtains
in the entrance area

Once we have reached some direction aesthetically, design-wise, timeline-wise and from a budget point of view, I send clients a few samples. From here on usually withing days clients gives the advance and in the due time, post payment, the bead curtain is either picked up by client or packed and couriered to them as per their preference.

Just a few more words on designing – if a client doesn’t show a clear preference for something on our website (which they do 99% of the time) then I will design based on my understanding of their aesthetics and the images of the space they send me. 
If they have indicated liking something from the website, then that gives a more clear starting point for me to customize a bead curtain for them. From there on, we play around with the already existing design but change bead density, color etc to perfect the curtain for the clients space.

Most of Memories of a Butterfly (MOAB) curtains can be reproduced in other color mixes and textures. So the scope is pretty endless.

6) How can a customer customize his/her bead curtain requirement through Zaarga?

Through Zaarga we have created a rare platform of a few retail pieces, although these pieces are also the ones that clients often want off our website as well as is without any changes, except in size dimensions. We already offer the opportunity to customize the pieces up in Zaarga for size and color.

Dining Kitchen Separator ordered by Z Customer from MOAB

For any more specific customizing, clients will need to touch base directly with us (through Zaarga in the loop). They would be asked to see Memories of a Butterfly website, to narrow down the creative process and then I would follow the same process as above.

This process would be available for larger units.

We sincerely thank Sreeti Mondol for giving us a glimpse of the wonderful world of beads and what goes behind the marvellous curtains! Reach us at team@zaarga.com for any queries on getting the right bead curtain for your space! We wish Memories of a Butterfly all glory and success!!

Team Z
Images Copyright and Courtesy: Memories of a Butterfly


Monsoons are known to bring with them a renewed freshness and warmth that keeps us cozy at our homes.  During one such evening, I was toying with the idea of doing up my home in a way that wouldn’t cost me a fortune, yet would reflect my taste through the little changes that I would make to my personal space. It was this thought that led me to start up ‘Casa Omyaa’ (meaning Beautiful Home), specializing in customized contemporary furnishings &furniture, which by all means are the best accessories that not only add a dose of elegance and charm to your space, but also uplift and enhance the theme and mood through your personal touch!

Decorating your home with the help of appropriate furnishings & furniture is not an easy affair. It often takes several trips to the furnishings store and you end up spending a hell lot more and cluttering your space by overdoing too much furniture and furnishings. Let us look at some really simple lines on which you could make your home look picture perfect!

1.   COLOR COORDINATED FURNISHINGS – While purchasing furniture and furnishings for your home, sort out the rooms and shop by the colors. For example, if your bedroom is a neutral color, furnish it up in shades of pink! Your bed linen, curtains, pillows and throws, rugs and sofas/chairs can have pink prints, checks, stripes or just beautiful hues in solids. The key here is to keep your room coordinated through beautiful furnishings. 

2.  COLORFUL PALLETTES – We often get attracted to beautiful Technicolor decor in those lifestyle magazines, yet when it comes to decorating our homes, we often opt for the cold hushed neutrals, pale pastel furnishings under the guise of “classic.” Let’s step out of our comfort and experiment with some rich, warm colored sofa upholstery, colorful mats and multi-colored furnishings! Tell us how many compliments you get for this one! J

Reversible Cotton Khadi Cushion from Casa Omyaa – Add a little spunk to your space!
3.       NEO ROOTED CLASSICS: Furnishings made of traditional rootedfabrics with modern classic designs add an interesting tone to your space. CushionsCovers, Table Runners, Placemats, Coasters, Curtains, etc can customized in these exclusive fabrics  that can be used to create an upbeat setting for your living and dining spaces. Get these customized in a variety of colors & designs as these can be mixed matched for any of your rooms.

Neo Classic tableware & Cushion Covers from Casa Omyaa’s launch Collection


4.       CUSTOMIZED BLINDS: Blinds add a beautiful texture to the overall setting of your living spaces. These can be customized in various sizes, shapes, materials and colors. These can be matched to suit the décor and colors of your home, thus creating a cozy ambience for bedrooms, living rooms and guest rooms. Kitchens too could have colorful printed or striped blinds that add spunk and freshness!

Customized blinds from Casa Omyaa can be crafted in various colors and textures to add a touch of elegance to your space
A simple thumb rule while doing up your home is this – Simple is Awesome! And I live by it, as overcrowding your space with unwanted furniture, accessories and furnishings will take away the beauty of all of it and create a chaotic setting. Instead keep your space clutter free, so every piece of that carefully handcrafted furniture, furnishings and accessory would be appreciated and complimented!
Happy Home Decorating!!
Warm Regards,
Aditi Gidh

Featured Designer – Tanisha Sonpal

Team Zaarga is happy to introduce you to our Featured Designer for June-July –  Tanisha Sonpal, the doting mother behind the gorgeous designs of Jorie Bazaar.

Her goal was to provide customers products of great quality and also designs with an edge. A different approach to style! We at Zaarga think she has achieved exactly that!
Visit the Jorie Bazaar store on Zaarga to add some old world charm to your life, be it her fashion jewelry, traditional jhumkas and balis, designer pouches or ipad bags!
The Zaarga Questionnaire:

  1. When did you start When did you start designing? 
I have had an interest in jewellery for long time now, but I actually  started designing two years ago.
Mirage Ring
  1. Did you ever dream or think of being something else other than a designer?
Honestly, no. Designing allows me to experiment with various ideas and it’s quite a fulfilling experience.
  1. Is there any specific reason you chose to become primarily a jewellery designer and not other areas of design?
It is my personal knack for creativity and passion with jewellery that has prompted me to get into jewellery design. The variety of options to try in jewellery is simply phenomenal.
  1. What is your favourite colour or theme?
Aquamarine Blue or Shiny Silver. Theme is generally fusion of ethnic and Trendy/Fashion.
  1. What / Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?
Collections of the Maharajas/Maharanis in Indian History. The jewellery of that level of beauty/elegance is yet to be seen among the more contemporary jewellery designers.

Dhara traditional earring
  1. Who is your Number One fan?
Our darling 8 year old daughter, Anusha, is my biggest fan, model and the biggest source of Inspiration.

  1. What are the best aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?
The flexibility to work whenever I want to, to apply my creativity in my work and the joy we get when we see some of the famous people like Gauhar Khan, Farha Khan and Kangana Ranaut wearing our creations, is incomparable to any other work.
  1. What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your work or design in general?
The speed, with which fashion trends change these days, makes it really difficult to keep pace. Also, the user base is so huge and divergent, that their needs are also very diverse.. It is a challenge to have something for everyone!!! The quality of material is also a constant challenge. With growing prices of raw material, it is difficult to keep the costs in check and we end up having to pass on the same to end customer 😦

  1. Is there any design of yours you consider your best? Which one is it and why? 
I love all my designs. They are all my favourites. Would surely love to hear from others on their favourite and why they like it.
  1. What is your vision for your work and design? 
Malaaga Ipad Bag

We would love to always be at the forefront of jewellery designing. We would like to constantly come out with designs which can set new trends in the industry and are liked by one and all. Our business vision is fairly simple.. We want to make a difference in lives of our customer…

  1. Your thoughts on Zaarga…..?
We appreciate that Zaarga is doing its bit in being in the forefront of Women’s accessories market in India. Zaarga brings with it, a new approach to this market and we wish it all the best..

We at Zaarga love Tanisha’s ethnic jewellery and her trendy personal accessories. Coming soon are her exclusive Table Accessories! We wish Tanisha Sonpal a fruitful and fulfilling career in Design!

Team Z

Featured Designer – Garima Banka

Garima Banka is our Featured Designer for May! The mastermind behind all the designs at Artografi is Garima, while the management function is being handled by her husband, Prateek Banka.

It all started with a personalized poker box that she had designed for her husband, Prateek, for his birthday, having never imagined that she would be getting so many requests for the same from friends and family! That’s when the duo realized the need to launch a brand showcasing a wide range of chic and funky products which can even be personalized on request. And thus the beginning….Artografi is now a recognized brand in Kolkata for interior products. Visit Artografi on Zaargato see their exclusive range of personalized home decor items.

1.    When did you start designing?

I graduated from Jain School of interior Design, Bangalore in 2007 and immediately started practicing interior designing for a firm.  But I was never satisfied with a 9-5 job. So right after my wedding, in Feb, we launched our own Company ‘Artografi’ which deals in funky interior products and also has a designing department which deals with complete interior designing of spaces.


2.    Did you ever dream or think of being something else other than a designer?

Never, though earlier I had thought of doing my graduation in Management and maybe a diploma in designing. But things worked out even better for me and I did a full-fledged 3yrs extensive designing degree course. And Prateek has done his graduation in management, so it’s even better! But yes, I always wanted to be a designer.


3.    Is there any specific reason you chose to become primarily a designer for personalized home accessories and not other areas of design?

I do interior designing as well and have a collection of interior accessories. Personalizing the products is our USP, since you don’t get such different products personalized anywhere else in the market.


4.    What is your favourite product or theme?

Umm..well the poker boxes still remains my favourite; maybe because it all began with it.


5.    What are the three words you would use to describe your brand?


6.    What / Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

My Husband, he trusted me blindly with my work.

7.    Who is your Number One fan?

My MOM, the happiness that I see in her with my success can’t be described in words. She can go on and on praising and publicizing and then I have to make her stop… J

8.    What are the best aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?

I love to design, so when developing a new design or print I work all night and still don’t feel stressed out.

9.    What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your work or design in general?

Competition, and that’s there in all businesses. Then there is the challenge of constantly developing new products and to design the graphics such that people can’t match up to it, so that the niche that you have created for your brand doesn’t fade

10. What is your vision for your work and design? 

I plan to expand into furniture also. It’s on the cards.

11. Your thoughts on Zaarga…..?

The products on Zaarga are very different. The selection of items on the site is excellent and one gets a wide range of products to choose from. I am very happy to be associated with such an organised Team where a lot of personal attention is given. The Zaarga team has showcased all the products very well on the site and they put in their 100% to promote each brand. I Wish Team Zaarga all the very best, for all their future endeavours.

Thank you, Garima & Prateek, for adding that punch to the Z catalogue with your unique, chic and personalized range of home decor products. We love the Artorafi range of products and wish you great success in the field of home decor and interior design!

Team Z

Featured Designer – Khushboo Agarwal

Team Zaarga is happy to introduce you to our Featured Designer for April –  Khushboo Agarwal, the Gen-Y woman behind the gorgeous designs of Agastya.

Agastya – the name epitomizes the strength of Lord Shiva, and the beauty of jewellery designer Khushboo Agarwal’s exquisite creations. Her varied inspirational influences, and her innate talents honed by her professionalism and practical learning, have resulted in her brand Agastya earning credibility and success within a month after its launch on November 3rd, 2010. This, a feat never before accomplished by any other jewellery designer in the same niche, speaks volumes about the exceptional quality Agastya’s clients can expect – now and always.  

Visit Agastya’s Designer Jewelry Store on Zaarga to add some pizzazz to your life!

The Zaarga Questionnaire:

  1. When did you start designing?

Ever since I passed out of school, I have been involved with some kind of art of the other – be it painting with charcoal on paper or oil pastels on canvas or simple basic drawing. You could say I started designing in 2005.

  1. Did you ever dream or think of being something else other than a designer?

No, I always wanted to be a fashion/clothing designer, but I’ve deviated a bit and ventured into jewellery.

  1. Is there any specific reason you chose to become a jewellery designer and not other areas of design?

I have always been a big fan of junk or antique jewellery. I love jewellery with a twist. Bold statement jewellery, over sized rings, bright colours – I love them all. Honestly, I didn’t know when this passion turned into a profession and now that I am in it, I absolutely love it. 

‘Smokey Dangler’ – 18K Gold Plated, embossed almond shape with smokey topaz quartz. Multiple strand of gold chains with sepia beads

  1. What is your favourite colour or theme?

I love GOLD!! Bling all the way!!!

  1. What / Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

My mother! She has the most awesome jewellery and I guess I have inherited from her, the love for jewellery.

  1. Who is your Number One fan?

My closest friends, Smita & Ekta. They are my “Number One” fans and also my best critics. 

  1. What are the best aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?

Sourcing raw materials is my favourite bit of my work! I love colours, agate stones, beads and all the different materials. However, the best part is when all the pieces are strung together in my studio and a statement piece is made.

‘Pearl and Emerald Shine’ – 18K Rhodium plated, studded with Rhinstones and a Green Agate Drop.

  1. What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your work or design in general?

The biggest challenge for me today is being different from all the designers who are born every single day and are extremely talented. There is a constant urge to do something different, to do something better and that is extremely challenging for me as a designer.

  1. Is there any design of yours you consider your best? Which one is it and why? –

Each one of my designs is very unique and I am pretty much in love with all of them. However, one in particular which is a real favourite is that of my mum’s. It is an antique gold piece of mum’s which I have handcrafted myself and gave it a twist to make it a statement piece and something which will remain very close to my heart.

  1. What is your vision for your work and design?

Right now, there are lots of new developments that will be taking place in Agastya. I plan to work with finer material. I want to expand and get into handcrafted Jadau jewellery using precious metals like Gold. I have my fingers crossed and hope to launch my very own line of Gold and Jadau jewellery soon.

  1. Your thoughts on Zaarga…..?

I am a big fan of the products showcased on Zaarga. Honestly, they are very different from all the other websites I have worked with so far and the products showcased are something I have never ever seen on any other site. I am really happy to be associated with such an organised Team at Zaarga. Indu and Ashni are an absolute delight to work with and are very co-operative and understanding. Wishing Team Zaarga tremendous success!!

Thank you Khushboo!! And we in turn have enjoyed being associated with you and Agastya…Your committment to on time delivery and customer service are added gems to the beautiful designs at Agastya! We wish all success to Agastya!!

Team Z

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