Sitting Pretty!!

We were not completely over the excitement of the “Beautiful Kitchens” contest, when Aditi Gidh of Casa Omyaa, our Featured Designer of the Month expressed her desire to run a contest for pretty seating arrangements. We happily nodded in agreement and got busy with the task in hand…

The Contest was launched mid last week and since then it has been great fun at the Zaarga Community. It was sheer joy to watch the beautiful interiors and the variety of creative seating arrangements! We have been sharing limited views of select entries on Z Facebook page. And here in this blog, we treat you to more views of these shortlisted gorgeous seating areas that have been vying for attention on our Facebook pages…enjoy!

Living Room of Aradhana Rathore

Aradhana Rathore from Bangalore, an alumni of Stella Maris College Chennai, was the first to send us the images. Aradhana, who is married to an army officer, is not a professional interior designer, but she has a flair with spaces and her passion for interiors is evident in the way she has transformed her living area.


Floor Seating by Leena Gavande

Leena Gavande, creative designer and owner of jewellery brand “Bindurekha” (with its first retail outlet at INOX Multiplex, Pune) shared the cosy corner she has set up in her home. Simple, but vibrant, pleasing and cozy!!


Sheena Alex sent us pictures of the family room where she loves spending time with her husband and their three wonderful children. A CPA by profession, Sheena loves to decorate the spaces in her home and is fascinated by Indian paintings and artwork. She lives in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.


Living Area, Anusha Koushik

Anusha Koushik of Chennai is a minimalist and likes a combination of contemporary and antique furniture. She loves to experiment and mix-n-match colours, minus the bling!

Living Room, Deepali Paul
Deepali Paul of Hyderabad sent us pictures of her living room. She likes clean lines in her interiors and a mix of contemporary and colonial.
Formal living room, Renu Menon & Vinesh Kavassery

Renu Menon & Vinesh Kavassery, who live in Dallas, shared pictures of their formal living room. The room was designed from scratch by Vinesh as his space to enjoy & relax. The room is themed around earthly comforts with eco-friendly accessories like coconut shell wall hangings and the whisky barrel. Renu & Vinesh wanted the room to exude comfort, earthliness and warmth…

Rinal Mehta’s Living Room

Rinal Mehta sent us these pictures of her living room in her Pune home…

Aditi Gidh has her hands full!! It’s no trivial task to pick one winner from so many smart entries!! The gift she offers for the winner is set of three 16×16 silk pin-ticked Casa Omyaa cushions in attractive colours!! Good luck Aditi; we are waaitiiinngggg…!!

Team Z

Featured Designer – Aditi Gidh

We had a great month showing you some great cookware and tableware, and now its time to move on…! Yes, we have our next Featured Designer of the month – Aditi Gidh, fashion graduate and founder of C A S A  O M Y A A.

Casa Omyaa creates home furnishings that are neo classic, contemporary and rooted. Designed by blending traditional crafts and textiles with modern contemporary designs. The products are therefore truly classic, pieces that will never run out of style! Aditi also makes sure that they create a sustainable livelihoood for all the people involved with them in the manufac
Team Zaarga is happy to introduce Aditi Gidh to you – read on to find out more about this lovely lady! 🙂

Aditi Gidh

 1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

I have always been the moody, creative kid who excelled at sketching and art through her school and college. After graduating in Fashion Design from School of Fashion Tech. – (NIFT), I started out as a wardrobe designer in the fashion industry. I am always in search of creating something innovative and unique and have dabbled in clothing and accessories before starting out with Casa Omyaa. My parents and well wishers have been the driving forces in constantly motivating me and being my support through the difficult times.

2.  What inspired you to work in the area of Soft Furnishings?

Home furnishings actually happened to me by chance! 
After working in the clothing line for over 5 years, I wanted a creative change. My colleague and dear friend Krishnendu Datta was instrumental in convincing me to start with a line of exclusive handcrafted home furnishings. My love for Indian handloom and handicraft is also another big inspiration for entering this area! I love using beautiful hand woven fabrics and Indian craft techniques keeping my designs simple and elegant, which is a reflection of my personality.

Pure silk pin tucked collection of cushions

3. Can you tell us about your Design journey so far?

I have always tried to design and create something unique and elegant. My designs reflect my personality which highlights two important aspects – simple and elegant. I constantly try to evolve my designs based on my observations and the suggestions of my well wishing clients. I have been happy with my designs so far, but there is still a long way to go!

4. What/Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration comes from observing the simplest of things around me! I look for the most unusual colors, textures, shapes and sizes and I get all this by observing the beautiful things nature has bestowed upon us.

5. Who is your Number One  my fan?

It has to be my friend Krishnendu Datta! Jokes apart, I feel we still haven’t reached our fans to the extent that we should have.
6. What are the aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?

Brocade & poly silk placemats and coasters

I enjoy conceptualizing and sketching out random design ideas on my mind. And when these ideas turn into actual products, it gives a sense of immense satisfaction and joy to me!

7. What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your work or design in general?

The biggest challenge I face today is the marketing of our products domestically and internationally. Unfortunately I am not blessed with a great marketing acumen, hence it becomes a challenge to market my products in an effective way. On a positive note, we are working towards it and would hopefully have a great marketing team soon enough! 🙂

8. What is your fabric of choice and why?

I absolutely love Indian handloom textiles! I love working with a varied variety of silks and cottons & usually don’t prefer blends / artificial fabrics. I stick to natural fabrics for their pure feel.

Corded khadi silk cushion covers

9. How often do you add new designs to your catalog?

I only add new designs when I feel its required. On an average, I work on a new collection once a year, but if it sells well, then I may continue it further as most of my designs are classic and won’t go out of style.

10.  Do you offer customized interior solutions? Can you tell us a little more of the kind of projects that you undertake?

Yes, we at Casa Omyaa work on customized Interior Decor projects. Our area of specialization is customized furnishings and furniture for homes and commercial spaces. In addition to this, we also work on themed based apartments, bungalows, restaurants, etc from the concept to the entire execution, which involves working closely with the architect.

11. What is your vision for your work and design? Any exciting plans for the road ahead that you can share with us?

We plan to expand into handcrafted home decor & lifestyle products in the near future. We have already started our work with focused Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) from the rural areas in creating our products. We strive to provide them with a sustainable source of income whilst producing a range of products for our clients across the globe. We hope to have Casa Omyaa run by a strong women force in the near future, as they are the biggest strength in shaping the future of our country!

12. Can you share with us a dream project in your wish list?

Our dream project is to start a unique lifestyle store that houses rooted yet contemporary products made by Indian artisans and the underprivileged women of our society, by way of providing them better means of Income whilst producing exclusive handcrafted lifestyle products for all our clients. 

Handwoven Jute placemats & coasters

13. Your thoughts on Zaarga.

Zaarga is the perfect launch-pad for creative artists and designers of today! Not only is the entire team highly professional, but they share a caring relation with all their designers that puts all our worries about selling our products at rest. I would love to be associated with Zaarga for a long time ahead! I wish them all the luck for their future endeavors!

May all the dreams and aspirations of Aditi Gidh & her team at Casa Omyaa come true! It is indeed a matter of pride to be associated with Designers who are working towards inclusion of artisans and creating sustainable livelihood for them.We would love to be part of all their endeavours!!

And for all of you, we have a great month of fun and retail therapy on home linen!! Here we go!!
Team Z

“Kitchens with character and soul” – Contest Winner

Yes, yes, we know you are eager to know who won the Contest, but before we get there, we would like to introduce you to the creative personality who judged the entries and made the big decision! 
Meet Bhargavii Mani, Director, Business Edge

A global citizen, the design bug in Bhargavii took her to Raffles Design International, Singapore. After being a top student there she worked in Singapore and Dubai in reputed firms. Her cutting edge design sense and clean photographic aesthetics are seen today in several retail, F & B and residential interiors in these world capitals.
She set up Edge Design Studio with the express desire to change the retail landscape in India , using her knowledge and skills absorbed from such retail capitals. A dynamic entrepreneur herself, Bhargavii has a keen understanding of business issues.
A singer and arts patron, Bhargavii along with her associates transforms her design space into a venue to support all forms of art and culture. Bhargavii also writes periodically on interior design for a few publications.

We thank Bhargavii for honouring us by setting time aside to judge this Contest and share her views.
So who won the beautiful Heritage Cup & Saucer by arttd’inox?? Any guesses????

Well…!! We have a tie!!! Bhargavii thinks that both Nimmu Thomas and Kavitha Ram have equally beautiful kitchens!


And here’s what Bhargavii had to say about these entries:
About Nimmu Thomas’ kitchen:

Nimmu Thomas outside her kitchen

“Despite the restriction of a small space, her kitchen is a very functional one. Clearly she cooks and cleans in her kitchen and these are evident from the Drip tray below the dish rack. Also the way she has arranged all the ceramic and glassware in her upper cabinets, the ladles and spoons and mugs from the stand, clearly indicate that she’s a practical woman in the kitchen having everything a feet or two away. The golden triangle in the kitchen works well too. The breakfast counter, which also acts as a partition has also been smartly put together. She wins this because there are no pretensions and it comes across like one can walk into her home any minute of the day, and such is how the kitchen would be! Good job!”

About Kavitha Ram’s kitchen:                      

Kavitha in her garden
“Clearly a kitchen from outside India, where neither space nor quality of workmanship is a constraint. What I like about her kitchen is how open the plan is. I can imagine Kavitha walking around the kitchen and cooking for her family, listening to music, having them dine out of the bar cum breakfast counter, chatting or skyping with her family back home. She obviously does her dishes, and this is evident from the mat on the floor below the washing area. The magnets on her fridge tell me it’s a family space. Kavitha, I assume is a working woman who runs back home to take care of her family, for who a kitchen is an extension of the living area. Love the roomy feeling… The space feels lived in!”


CONGRATULATIONS, Nimmu Thomas and Kavitha Ram! Your Heritage Cup Sets will soon be on their way!
We also congratulate all the participants, especially our shortlisted candidates for their effort and enthusiasm in participating in the Contest. All of you have such yummy kitchens!
And here’s to more contests, more prizes and lot more fun in the Z Community!

Team Z


In search of Beautiful Kitchens….

Kitchens are no longer a mundane place where meals are churned out…They have transecnded functionality and is now a very aesthetic area where folks unwind and de-stress by trying out new recipes and ideas !

We at Zaarga love beautiful and well accessoried spaces. So we had a whim to hunt down kitchens with character and soul…and that’s what we have been doing this past week though our “Beautiful Kitchen” Contest!

The response was incredible, and we enjoyed looking through every picture that we received…And for our dear readers, here are the ones shortlisted for the final prize – in no particular order…

Mary Isaac’s woody, red-white, cherry themed one was one of our earliest entries, and it was love at first sight!

Mary Isaac’s Kitchen

Mary says “Though on any given day, I’d place my bets on a rather spacious island kitchen complete with its own mini herb garden, the fact is a puny 6 x 7 sq ft space in my rented apartment is what I have for a kitchen!

Having said that, I do believe in simple, effective and creative ways to make it brighter, better and most of all fun to cook in. And so I have this red-white-woody, cherry themed space where I cook up a storm, spill my beans, bake me a loaf and grind my teeth!…”

Praveen Manikantan, a finance professional who loves travelling and blogs about finance fundas decided to keep his kitchen simple & sleek in a pleasing offwhite shade.

Praveen Manikantan’s Kitchen

Nimmu Thomas owns a beautiful half open kitchen with a breakfast counter. The mini replicas of good ol’ pickle jars, green gingham pelmet on the window and the ceramics on display are a statement of her fine taste and personal style.

Nimmu Thomas’ Kitchen

Anu Ignatius added splashes of colour to her sleek all wooden kitchen with few bottled plants and a colourful bottle preserve..

Anu Ignatius’ Kitchen

Sreekumari Rajan spends quite a bit of her day in cooking, and loves the traditional wood finish for her kitchen.

Sreekumari Rajan’s Kitchen

Kavitha Ram packs a lot of activities in her kitchen space! Her choice of black & steel accessories & the fruit theme, complete with the vines on the pelmet cut the monotony of wood and bring colour and fun to the space.

Kavitha Ram’s Kitchen

 “Kitchen is the hub of the home which I think is the most hardworking room. It should hold the charm and appeal that evokes creativity in the cook and speaks about the personality of the owner. My kitchen was the deciding factor for us when we bought our house. Steel and chrome with grey is our theme around. So we have steel back splashes ,steel appliances  with cherry floors and cabinets that give it that contemporary touch….Thanks for giving us the oppurtunity and organizing such a contest“, says Kavitha.


Munira Sayed’s brand new kitchen is beautifully crafted in dark wood with white accents.

Munira Sayed’s Kitchen

Says Munira about her kitchen, “I’m a complete foodie but not a huge fan of cooking, its almost like a chore for me on a daily basis, so I needed my kitchen to be endearing so it inspires me to spend more time in there. Being a professional I hardly get too much time to spend in the kitchen so primarily my kitchen had to be sleek , contemporary and absolutely made for a woman on the go. Contemporary kitchens focus on open spaces & functionalism..Well I’m glad its turned out that way. At the same time I wanted it to have a dash of warmth. So here it is my contemporary, warm & beautiful kitchen.”

Vidya Sundaram likes a no-nonsense, practical kitchen for her quick sessions at the kitchen; and the island doubles up as the table for their regular family meals.

Vidya on her kitchen- “With both of us working, we have a pretty hectic life during the week. Our kitchen is the place where our family hangs out together every evening. I love this space because while dinner is being cooked, we also get to share our day’s events with each other. My favorite is the big island that serves as the seating space for us to hang out or even have a quick meal together. I always favor function and practicality. So my kitchen is extremely functional, with the cabinets designed for a “on the go” working woman. I also like my kitchen uncluttered without too many things on my counter-top – so it’s spartan in that sense.

Bright colours in the kitchen need to be tackled with care…And Saira Biju has, with an artistic ease, achieved beauty while being bold.

Saira says, “Being a artist myself ,my workplace always has to inspire me.Outside canvas, kitchen is another place which helps me to escape from the daily monotony. Being a mother of a toddler and an infant I guess I don’t have to explain why I need a hideout. I believe bold is beautiful hence I have chosen a RED  and BLACK combination for my works pace.The frosted wall cabinets calms down the atmosphere and steel finish appliances compliments the  bold colors and gives it a very modern feel. Its relatively a small kitchen and I love it for that reason as moving around and keeping it clean is much easier. I love my kitchen and my family loves what i bring out of it:)
We thank the Z Community for actively participating in the Contest, following it on our Social Media and making this a great success!! And now, like all of you, we are eagerly waiting for the results!! Best Wishes to all the shortlisted participants! 😀
Team Z

Featured Brand of the Month : arttdinox

Stainless Steel used to be a household favourite until melamine and microwavable crockery took over. But with growing concerns about the health hazards posed by melamine and various kinds of plastic ware, people are increasingly turning back to their good old Stainless Steel.

The Hungry Caterpillar Dinner Set

But Stainless Steel is no longer passe, thanks to the house of Jindals who launched “arttd’inox“, a premium brand for designer made Stainless Steel cookware and tableware, by marvelously blending high grade steel with ceramic, wood, brass and glass to create stunning and stylish designs.

Zaarga is proud to present “arttd’inox” as the brand of the month. We caught up with the team at arttd’inox to get you closer to this highly popular and sought after brand.

1. Can you tell us something about the origin of the brand arttd’inox? 

arttd’inox was started with an idea to promote stainless steel, a material which was not considered high end, with a whole new look and feel. We make it with a global touch and flair as it is internationally sold.

2. Who is the driving force behind the brand – defining its vision and steering it to success?

Ms. Deepikaa Jindal, the visionary who saw the potential of lifestyle designs in Stainless Steel slowly and steadly moulded her dream into reality.

Enchanted Cups

3. What is the USP of arttd’inox?

We create spaces that speak of you. Touching each aspect of your home and office with our contemporary designs and products, arttd’inox has products which are specially for ‘you’.

4. How do you define “high grade premium stainless steel” that is part of your product specification?

There are different grades of stainless steel which are available in market. Coming from the house of Jindals, we work with the highest grade of stainless steel, well established with properties like high on food grade, high on luster and finish and corrosion resistance.

Sequence Collection

5. Are arttd’inox brands sold/going to be sold outside India?
arttd’inox is already being sold outside in New York, Libya, Hong Kong, Korea, Ecuador.

6. Can you tell us something about the arttd’inox range of modular kitchens

arttdinox modular kitchen

arttd’inox is into Stainless Steel modular kitchens, the only brand in the country making 100% stainless steel kitchens. Further, we work on complete kitchen manufacturing cycle in-house design, production and ours is the only kitchen to give AMC. Being Stainless Steel in material, our kitchens are have unique properties:
a. Water resistance and thus corrosion resistance and fungus free
b. Very easy to clean and maintain
c. Made from 100% stainless steel so no problem of pests and termites
d. No problem of cabinets sagging and collapsing as there is no wooden content
e. Extremely hygienic as there are no fumes from Varnish/laqor
f. Comes in all colors, textures and finishes you can dream about including wooden finishes which look absolutely like wood
g. In India we are the only modular kitchen which provides preventive maintenance for first 2 years and AMC thereafter.


Cookie Tray

8. What do you consider the biggest challenge faced by the brand?

We are the category creators in lot of areas like lifestyle tableware and cookware and modular kitchens therefore all the challenges which a first mover has, we had that.
           Further, in India Stainless Steel as a material was considered old, boring, cheap. We are the ones trying to change that concept which we are still doing. In a market dominated by Wooden modular kitchens we are trying to bring in Stainless Steel kitchens.

9. Which is the most popular design/collection under the arttd’inox brand? 

Mushroom Nut Bowl

All our collections have done well. Mushroom collection has brought a lot of awards and accolades back home. There are collections which are naughty and interesting like See no evil mugs, Pink panther collection.
Then there were products ergonomically designed like the Geometric Planter.

10. How often do you add new designs to your catalog?
Variety and change keeps the product offerings fresh and new. We keep coming out with collections every quarter. Single products can be monthly or event specific e.g. Pooja Thali during Diwali or calendar during New Year.
11. What is the vision for your work and design? Any exciting plans for the road ahead that you can share with us?

No Evil Mugs

Our Vision is to consistently ‘WOW’ our customers with new products and designs.

12. Your thoughts on Zaarga.
Zaarga is an excellent platform which has brought together great designs and designers. It’s a one point shop to buy home and décor related products.

We wish Deepikaa Jindal and the Team at arttd’inox success in all their challenges and new endeavours. So what are you waiting for, open up the shopping bag and grab some of the best cookware/tableware you can lay hands on! And rest assured that your guests would go gaga over your new crockery collection!!

Team Z

Featured Designer – Tejas Soni

Tejas Soni

Tejas Soni, a graduate from the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, was the first to sign up with us on Zaarga. When Tejas’ love for Nature, sculpturing expertise and creativity  come together, what results are timeless pieces that design conossieurs would love to collect and cherish forever.  By resurrecting the forgotten craft techniques, Tejas makes craft a viable livelihood for the craftsmen and reminds us of a cultural heritage that we need to sustain, promote and be proud of.

Team Zaarga is proud to introduce you to the creative genius behind the much acclaimed Lily and Banana bowls

 1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

I belong to a family of goldsmiths in Gujarat. I have always had a strong inclination towards crafts and was always motivated by my parents and well wishers to do new things. Since my father had a jewelry and casting workshop I was always found there experimenting and making sculptures! 

2. Much of your work is based on the traditional Dhokra craft. What drew you towards Dhokra?

Dhokra happened by chance! It was a project that I did for the Chhattisgarh Government and when I started the project I wasn’t very sure myself if it was going to work! But I fell in love with the craft form and skills of the craftsmen. That is what drew me towards it. Then gradually I started to experiment with the craft form. I decided to design against the normal products and create a new range that made the world notice the art form with more respect. I wanted the art form to be more than just a decorative piece of work.

3. Are you experimenting with any other traditional craft?

Oh yes, of course. I am making products with the traditional crafts of Jaipur. You can see the products made with the traditional Naqqashi and Chetai crafts of Jaipur on my Zaarga Store itself. Few examples of the products are the Lily Leaf Platter, Banana Leaf Platter, etc.


Clockwise from top- Lily Bowl, Lily Platter, Fingerprint Coaster, Peepal Leaf Coaster and Banana Leaf Platter

4. What was the first product that you designed?

My first product was a sculpture that depicted a peanut that had been blown 5 times of its usual size. It was an art piece, a decorative form casted in Bronze metal with a oxidized finish. The product also won “The Innovative Application of Existing Material award”, by Living Etc in Association with RSA (Royal Society of Arts, London) 

5. What/Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?
Dona Bowl

Nature! It’s my biggest inspiration. The flora and Fauna around me inspires me to create my collections. I take notice of the small things around me, things that you would miss to notice.

6. Who is your Number One fan?

Wow! I have never thought about it. I would say for me all those who value and take notice of my work are my fans!

 7. What are the aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?

I think it has to be all the aspects. This may sound a little clichéd but truly it is. I love sitting with my sketching book to create concepts, I love sitting with a cup of chai with my craftsman when we discuss the concept. I like taking care of entire process that goes behind making the product. Also I enjoy being my own boss! Its fun to have your own design studio and work as and when you want.

8. What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your work or design in general?

The biggest challenge today is making genuine crafts available to the people.

9. Is there any design of yours that you consider your best? Which one is it and why?

The best is yet to come! But the design close to me and I am very fond of it is the Peanut dry fruit bowl.

Peanut Dry fruit bowl
10. How often do you add new designs to your catalog?

I add few products every year but I don’t do season collections like my contemporaries. I design when I feel that there is a need for a new product. I design when I feel that all my previous designs have reached my audience and now they look forward for more! 

11. What is your vision for your work and design? Any exciting plans for the road ahead that you can share with us?

Dhokra Wine Holder

My vision is pretty simple- create timeless pieces that find their way into the lives of both contemporary and classical people around the globe.

 12. Can you share with us a dream project in your wish list?

My dream project is to create limited edition products that everyone desires and wants to own.

13. Your thoughts on Zaarga.

Zaarga is an amazing platform to share and connect with like-minded craft lovers. It has been an amazing support for Tejas Soni Design as well. I am proud to be associated with Zaarga and wish Zaarga and the team many more glorious years ahead. Cheers!

We wish Tejas great success and fulfillment in his creative journey. And we hope to showcase several more of his amazing products…

Team Z

Featured Designer: Mukul Goyal

His men have been at Zaarga right from the start…and everyone admires them! Sometimes they are holding your books, sometimes your serving bowls; they make merry with you by stirring your drinks and at times when they are really tired, they just flop on a Stapler and take the much deserved break!!

Yes!!! We are talking about the “ID Collection” of home accessories by the ingenious Mukul Goyal, and now we are really happy to bring to you the man who created them! 🙂 Here’s what Mukul had to say to Team Z and all of you out there who adore his work!

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

I started my professional life as an IIT Engineer but found my true calling in Design. My first few products were jewelry pieces made out of scrap materials. I have worked in a tractor industry before I began my explorations in Design.

2. When did you start designing? Can you give us a small glimpse into your design journey from a graduate designer to becoming“Mukul Goyal” the popular brand?

I always had an inclination towards art and creativity.
If I were to be honest I am still that graduate designer that I was when I started! The brand Mukul Goyal happened because somewhere my products connected with people and became popular. Even today I am apprehensive about my new products and concerned about their interactions with people.

3. What was the first product that you designed?

I do not remember the first thing I would have designed ever but I do know that creating stuff used to be an all consuming exercise for me. The first product that I designed for the brand Mukul Goyal was the ID Bookends and to my luck they still continue to be amongst the bestsellers of the range.

4. What/Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

My inspiration is the world around me – it is a madhouse of people and I am one of them!

5. Who is your Number One fan?

Do I have fans?

6. What are the aspects of your work that you enjoy the most?

Being my own boss, deciding my own work regime, designing what I want to rather than working on someone else’s brief gives me a huge kick!
I derive huge amounts of gratification from the sales of my product as the products do seem to be connecting to people both in India and abroad!

7. What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your
work or design in general?

The biggest challenge is to remain focused and true to one’s beliefs!

8. Is there any design of yours that you consider your best? Which one is it and why?

Strangely, the designs which I am fond of may not have found much favour commercially but they are still close to my heart. Long back I had done some nut shell bowls which were reminiscent of the coconut shell but they did not do well in the market.
The ID series of products in my range is my eternal favourite as I see a little bit of myself in each of those!

9. How often do you add new designs to your catalog?

I refresh my catalogue once a year. At that time, new products are added, some old products may be dropped or tweaked and balance continues status quo.

10. What is your vision for your work and design? Any exciting plans for the road ahead that you can share with us?

I have never been much of a planner and live each day as it comes! My products have done a great job of marketing themselves and I hope it stays that way! Now I would like to dabble in non-product design – when I figure that one out, I shall shed more light on it!

11. Can you share with us a dream project in your wish list?

An installation on the city scape

12. Your thoughts on Zaarga.

Zaarga is a great partner to have on my side! Apart from ensuring a great positioning, Zaarga reaches out my products to the right audience.

We wish all success and glory to brand Mukul Goyal and its creator in his various endeavours. And we definitely hope to have his more of his men around to do our chores!

Team Z

Meet some Z customers!

At Zaarga, we are always eager to hear from our customers and we encourage them to share any kind of feedback with us. So as part of our anniversary celebrations, we reached out to some of them to find out what they feel about Zaarga…what’s good and what could be better! And here are the snippets!

Gayatri Kunhiraman – Senior Consultant at Source8, London

Gayatri is a house proud working mom with two adorable kids, Malvika and Vedant. She loves travelling and buys loads of curios and antiques at local exotic markets, Marrakesh souk being the closest to her heart! 

Zaarga brings together under one umbrella many unique facets of Indian lifestyle design.

When it comes to finding unique and sometimes quirky designer pieces , Zaarga is always my first call – there is a collection of jewellery, home décor and children’s items that is difficult to find commonly in shops and markets. I love jewellery and Zaarga has an amazing collection and I have a growing wishlist 🙂 Looking forward to Team Z making international deliveries – start with London! 

I am thrilled to see how the online portal has grown over the year to bring together many talented designers. I wish Zaarga many years of growth and success! Happy Birthday Z!”

Charan Subramanian Chandra – Director, Vaigai Sanitation Pvt Ltd, Chennai
(Vaigai Sanitation Pvt Ltd is one of Zaarga’s key Corporate Customers)

“Zaarga has access to some really great designers from all over India, making classy products across a wide price range. Ordering through Zaarga made choosing a Diwali gift much easier and the delivery was handled with utmost efficiency. I wish them good luck as they complete 1 year of going live…”

Madhavi Nori – IT-Professional, San Jose

Madhavi is a working mom with 2 adorable daughters. She is a perfectionist by nature, more so when it comes to her daughters and can go any length to make sure she gets the best for them!

I loved my shopping experience with Zaarga. I bought two aprons for my daughters and got a rucksack as a gift from a friend. The aprons were so neatly done and they ran no color or lost their shape with a machine wash… The princess appliqués show well when my daughters wear them. I am so happy with my purchase.. The rucksack is also a very cheerful and bright color. The material is not cheaply done and reflects one’s good taste…I wish all success and growth to Zaarga. Keep up the great work!”

And here are some photos shared by some of our happy customers…

Mrudula at her Craft Class in her Personalised Princess Apron

V Living Botanical Series Cushions at Aishwarya Sailesh’s beautiful home!

Thanks to all our customers who have shared their thoughts with us on this occasion and also to those others who have been giving us their views over the year on how Zaarga could serve its customers better. 

We will keep adding to this blog over the week, as and when we get more reviews. 

Team Z

It’s a year!!

A year has gone by…so soon, but what a glorious year it has been for Ashni and me !

We have been in some sense like two weaver birds weaving in our intricate nest bit by bit, our dreams, passion and energies into this mammoth task that we started one pleasant evening chatting over tea in Hyderabad. Of course at that time, we did not realize the magnitude of what we thought was a neat way to channel our ideas on how to bring great designs under one roof!

Ashni & Indu – Co-Founders of Zaarga

It has been a wild journey and like some wise person said – we have many more miles to go… !!! We set out to showcase well-designed products from across the country and get people to know the minds behind the wonderful creations, without any dependence on logistics and geography. A daunting task indeed, but we are slowly addressing it…The means are always limited, and we really could do with lot more people liking our boutique concept and loads of cash to do advertising, marketing and all those zillion things that devour money 😉 

It has been an exciting journey partnering with so many of these brilliant folks. We are proud of the people who we are associated with and the products that we have been able to showcase. We are also very lucky that almost all of them have been so patient and supportive of us. We hope that this will continue and that we shall enjoy their partnership for many more years.

It has been a challenging journey because e-commerce is still at its infancy in India and has a long way to go. We still want to touch, feel and go shopping with our friends!! Attracting the right customers requires constant innovation. Curation of the Z Catalogue is tough with so many options to choose from and making sure we choose correctly. Why bling, why not kitsch, should we do clothes, what about shoes…aahh questions and more questions. And of course the often asked question from lots of customers – Do we have COD? And the answer is – No, we don’t 🙂

It has been a tiresome journey also at times to be honest ! How do we retain exclusivity, how can we get our ads to reach more people, where does it slip between the “Like” and the “Buy”, why people who shop at boutique stores look for discount sales online and primarily, why can’t there be a couple of hours extra once the 24 hours are up? 🙂 There is always so much to be done !!!

It has been a fulfilling journey in the sense that we have started on our mission and we have been at it for the last year… The thrill we experienced at our launch, first sale etc cannot be put in words. We have made some great work relationships, made some wonderful friends and savoured a hint of the exhilaration that acting upon your dreams brings along.

Our love and thanks to our wonderful families for hanging in there with us ! You are all simply the best!! 🙂

Cheers to Zaarga and best wishes for many more wonderful years ahead!!!

With love,
Co-Founder, Zaarga

Featured Designer: Vaishali Sinha

Vaishali Sinha officially stepped into the world of design when she graduated from NID. She set up her dream child ‘Vaishali Design Studio‘ in Delhi in 1997 to provide Home Furnishings & Decor market in International & domestic market. Today, the studio today designs primarily for the international home furnishings market – VDS being a registered design vendor for Jo Ann (USA); Corelle Worldwide; Bharti Wal-Mart Easy Day (India), besides an array of exporters that it services in India as well as other smaller importers abroad.

Vaishali Sinha

With a finger on the pulse of international design trends,Vaishali launched an exclusive design brand, ‘V Living’, in 2011, which catapulted her into the upper echelons of Indian home textile design. The studio has become a Mecca for chic cushions, kitschy kitchen towels & elegant bed linen. We are glad to introduce this creative persona to you as our Featured Designer for October 2012.  Her responses to the Z Questionnaire…

1. When did you start designing ?
Informally I used to design my dresses / suits on my own even as a kid & fortunately had a very talented mother who helped me create whatever I used to visualize…Formally, NID trained me as designer and 1992 is when I started my career as a designer. Till 1997 I worked in export houses which got me tuned to shop floor; production; costing & all those important departments which help convert your creative ideas into practical, functional reality. In January 1997 I got pulled into starting my own Vaishali Design Studio where we developed designs for primarily home furnishing clients in domestic & international market. But it was only in 2011 it dawned on me to start my own brand V Living.

India Series Linen Cushions – A Class Apart!

 2. What led you to start designing home décor accessories/furnishings?
Well that was what I was professionally qualified to do & somehow fashion did not attract me much.

3. Did you ever dream or think of being something else other than a designer?
Yes ! if not a designer than I would have pursued singing.  

4. What is your favourite colour or theme?
I think every concept or theme has so much to explore; you just need to imbibe it. Holding a particular theme or colour can be limiting to your creativity.

Folk Tale Series – Vibrant and full of life!

 5. What / Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?
Every little idea that shapes a concept is a big inspiration
6. Who is your Number One fan?
Is anybody out there…looking for ONE !


7. What are the three words you would use to describe your brand.
Can’t think of specific 3 words but yes the idea is to ADD VALUE without being loud.


8. What are the best aspects of your work that you enjoy the most ?
The process of visualized designs converting into actual pieces.

Embroidered Kitchen Towels

9. What do you consider the biggest challenge you face today related to your work or design in general?
Need to learn the ropes of marketing & PR which are important aspects of brand development.


10. Is there any design of yours you consider your best? Which one is it and why?
Difficult to say so because a design may feel very good for the time being, but then one moves on to do the next thing with the same passion and then the next & the next……

11. What is your vision for your work and design?
For my work I just wish to do good work & be respected for it. I also have a wish & vision to be able to create a platform where DESIGNERS for HOME furnishings & décor are as well recognized as designers of fashion industry & have their own unique place.

12. Your thoughts on Zaarga…..?
Lovely team to be associated with & am so glad that they have created the platform for the designers for home which is so required today.

India Series Trays

We at Team Zaarga believe that the V Living products are a class of their own, so unlike and superior to the run of the mill products that are flooding the malls!! Wishing Vaishali and her team great success and popularity in the field of home furnishings & decor!

Team Z

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