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Adorable Bookmarks!

Kanhai’s adorable bookmarks are a hot favorite among Zaarga customers! One of them recently told us how much she is in love with these!

Elegant bookmarks in glass beads and brass
Elegant bookmarks in glass beads and brass

I just adore these bookmarks…I ordered this as a gift for my book lover friend and she totally loved it! It comes in a beautiful packaging and the trinket looks absolutely stunning. Comes at a great price…a very appealing and safe gift option! I am planning to stock up a whole lot of them for those unplanned occasions!

Thanks a bunch to our customer for sharing her feedback with us!

Kanhai, guided by Mukta Sharma is a brand of unique whimsical and fanciful products carefully handcrafted with high quality glass beads and brass.

Kanhai draws inspiration from the beautiful elements of nature, as is seen in its wonderful range of unique office stationery, table accessories, trinkets and the truly enchanting garden lights!

Kanhai Office Accessories & Trinkets
Kanhai Office Accessories & Trinkets



Team Zaarga


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